DVD writer gone wrong??...

  Jonathon J-189322 20:51 23 Mar 2006

Hi, just after some advice please. My Optorite DD0201 DVD writer (master) has just started playing up. I've been using it to burn discs of .avi files which I then watch in my divX DVD player for a while now with no problems. However the other day the files it was writing came up with blocky green patches on the image, and the scenes stick.

The drive reads discs fine, and I can watch DVD's on it perfectly. The CD-RW that is the slave still writes perfectly well, and shares the IDE cable with the DVD drive

I've flashed the drive, checked the IDE cable and they seem fine. Really out of ideas??

Cheers in advance!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:46 23 Mar 2006

Check properties in device manager and make sure its using DMA not PIO.

Also try burning at a lower speed.

  Jonathon J-189322 23:14 23 Mar 2006

Nope, tried burning at a slower speed with the same result!! :-(

  geewis357 23:36 23 Mar 2006

What are you burning with, if is nero have you upgraded recently. The same happerned to me a few months ago I thought I would upgrade but then I found that you had to pay for it or it failed after a month

  Jonathon J-189322 07:40 24 Mar 2006

I'm using Nero 7 Ultra Edition full license which has been working fine up till now...

  €dstowe 08:31 24 Mar 2006

Assuming you're burning from a copy on a hard drive, is that drive stuffed with old rubbish files from previous burns?

Try removing anything that's not required. If the drive is more than half full, think about investing in a separate or larger one for this type of work.

Defrag the drive frequently.

  €dstowe 08:33 24 Mar 2006

Sorry, missed a bit:

DVD burning takes a lot of your computer's resources. Best not to do use it for other things while it's doing this process.

  Jonathon J-189322 13:49 24 Mar 2006

I'm burning from a new 200GB drive that i bought last week, only 20% full. When burning I just leave the computer to it and come back when done.

Sorry to be so annoying!!

  saintorsinner 13:59 24 Mar 2006

hi i had same problem with nero7 gradually getting worse and worse at burning disks. eventually i found out that residues off previous nero 6 instalation still remained on my hard disk - i went to nero web site and downloaded the recommended cleaners from there. and then reinstalled nero 7. now it works great at the moment - touch wood!

ps make sure you keep a record of your nero serial number before using the reg clean app.

  €dstowe 14:12 24 Mar 2006

Quote: "Sorry to be so annoying!!"

It is very rare for anyone with a real problem (like you have) to be considered annoying. Most of the helpers here are as keen as you are to get you over your difficulties and fix you up with a running computer again.

My ideas on this are ended so, I'll leave it to someone else now except to say that I have never used Nero for DVD creation work but I do use it for duplication (these are my own DVDs not copies of commecial ones).

  Jonathon J-189322 16:42 24 Mar 2006

I have sorted it, and it was completely my own doing. I checked nero info tool again and found that I'd plugged both optical drives into the primary IDE channel, and the hard drives into the secondary one! Total fool that I am!!

Changed them round anf voila!!

Thanks for your help everyone, sorry there was no problem to solve!!!! :-)

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