dvd writer

  moh23 18:07 08 Oct 2005

i have just installed a dvd writer,put it in the place of the cdrom,i also have a cdwriter,the dvd is the master and cd the slave both on sec ide,when i use either they work fine and copy ok but when the disk is ejected the screen says fatal exception and i have to restart the pc,anyone kow what is causing this to occur.win98se

  pj123 18:14 08 Oct 2005

No idea. But a DVD Writer will also write to a CD so why not take your CD Writer out and give it another try.

  TOPCAT® 18:39 08 Oct 2005
  Totally-braindead 20:26 08 Oct 2005

Iy may be of help if you can write down the exact error code as that may tell you what the problem is. It'll say something like Fatal Exception error at 0000012x002, the number bit may help to get to the bottom of it.

  SANTOS7 20:31 08 Oct 2005

I did exactly the same took out CD-rom put in DvD-RW with CD-RW didn't like each other one bit swapped CD-RW for CD-rom, happy days both work very well together.

  moh23 20:32 09 Oct 2005

tried removing cd writer but same problem
an exception oe at 0028:c004d8c5 in VxD vfat(01)+0000b8ed
this was called from 0028:c1c36970 in VxD voltrack(04)+00000430

  moh23 22:42 09 Oct 2005

anyone help

  Totally-braindead 22:54 09 Oct 2005

Heres the Microsoft website it may help click here

  Totally-braindead 23:03 09 Oct 2005

Also found this click here unfortunatly the error with the VxD vfat does not appear to be listed, well I can't see it. I'm wondering if its possible to reinstall this file, presuming it is this that is corrupted, hopefully some of the Forum may be able to tell you how to do this, its a bit over my head I'm afraid. I would probably have to blank and reinstall windows.

  freaky 11:28 10 Oct 2005

The DVD Writer will do all you want. Suggest you uninstall the CR Writer as it is now redundant.

Alternatively, if the CDR is internal, disable it via Device Manager, and then see if the problem resolves itself.

  moh23 20:46 10 Oct 2005

tried both but still the same

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