DVD write protection

  Newby 07:36 31 Mar 2006

I have been transferring my Digital Video camera video to dvd using either Roxio Creator 7 or Pinnacle. I managed to make a movie with title snd transitions. When I made a second one to add to my DVD+RW I got "This disc is read only, remove Write protection or use another disc".
I have uninstalled Roxio to use Pinnacle, though for title overlays I prefer Roxio. Two questions. 1. Can I add another video (inMPEG2)to a disc with MPEG2 video already on it WITHOUT HAVING TO REFORMAT OR ERASE, if so, how? 2. Can I use Pinnacle AND Roxio (independently) on the same drive without conflict. I find that Roxio is better for making an MPEG2 film, but Pinnacle is simpler to copy (the same film made by Roxio) onto DVD+RW. I am trying to free up my camera tapes so I don't overwrite (and lose) the ones I've taken. Thanks. Newby.

  €dstowe 08:19 31 Mar 2006

The easiest way to get two or more movies on to one DVD is to collect the files on a hard drive and when you have collected enough to fill a DVD, then is the time to write them there. I would suggest that you don't write to a DVD RW - they are not very reliable for permanent storage.

On the compatibility question, I've not used Roxio but I have mixed other editing software. Provided the files have been in a format that the software can understand, I have mixed several different programs during the processing of one "masterpiece"!!

  Newby 09:06 31 Mar 2006

?dstowe, Thank you for your quick response (hope I SPELLED your nom-de-plume right). I guess your answer-collecting to add - sums it up. I have done that a couple of times but I thought there was a way around it. Apparently not. I shall reinstall my Roxio and see what I can do on improved titling. I suppose, when you think about it the discs ARE DVD-ROM (read only memory). I hadn't realised that R's were better than RW's. Must use them, after all I'm not planning on editing them once they are copied. Thanks again. Newby.

  €dstowe 16:38 31 Mar 2006

You're welcome. Hope it works for you.

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