Dvd won't play in US?

  Roadgiant 21:07 18 Mar 2007

I have made a DVD burnt with Nero and sent it off to a friend in the USA, it is made from video film shot with a camcorder and not copyrighted material.
I checked the disc with DVD decrypter before sending it and it comes up as Region 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 RCE protection No and no copyright protection.
However my friend has e-mailed me saying that it would not play on his home DVD player but will play on his portable DVD player.
Any thoughts as to what the problem is and possible suggestions to resolve it?
Many Thanks

  SANTOS7 21:12 18 Mar 2007

Not sure really could be a PAL-NTSC issue ..

  skidzy 21:13 18 Mar 2007

One new aspect of region coding is Region Code Enhancement (RCE) This is deigned by the studios to prevent viewing a Region One disc on a Region Free DVD player. It will not prevent watching the movie on a MultiRegion Player. The reason for this is to prevent people from the popular practice of hacking the player to be able to view all region discs. So far some Warner Bros, New Line, Columbia and now select MGM have this feature. For more information click on the links to the left.click here

  De Marcus™ 21:21 18 Mar 2007

Encode the disk in NTSC (not PAL) and try again.

RCE is the unlikely culprit but make sure there is none to start with i.e. remove any kind of region coding in your settings panel.

  rodriguez 21:44 18 Mar 2007

A lot of American DVD players won't convert the PAL video signal to NTSC which means it won't show up properly on an American TV. You should try De Marcus™'s idea and convert it to NTSC which means it will play. If you put a PAL DVD in an American DVD player, it will come up in black and white and the picture will probably roll.

  Roadgiant 21:59 18 Mar 2007

Couple of questions about this, first of all the original DVD was burnt on my standalone LG H/drive-DVD Recorder from a camcorder, I then used DVDFabdcrypter to put the files on to my PC hard drive and then burnt the disc using Nero Express, at what point would I have the option to encode to NTSC, is that in Nero?
Many thanks RG

  De Marcus™ 22:06 18 Mar 2007

Yes, it's in Nero, but you need to tell us which options or sequence of events you use to burn as Nero has a few different ways of adjusting the encoding type depending which choice you make. In other words, describe the process by which you encode your video.

  Roadgiant 22:41 18 Mar 2007

I am using the Burn Dvd-video files option and then using the add video files button.I am using Nero OEM (I know there is a later version available but having had problems in the past I found this earlier version worked best).
Do i need to upgrade to 7 or should I use another option to burn the DVD?
Thanks RG

  eedcam 22:43 18 Mar 2007

If its a region thing then the Player would surely say this its probabljust a -or+ issue nothwithstanding pal/ntsc

  De Marcus™ 22:55 18 Mar 2007

You don't need to upgrade your Nero version, delve deep into the options when offered in Nero 6 (it's been a while so my memory doesn't serve so well) but the NTSC option should be available after you've added your video to the compilation.

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