DVD wont play in TV DVD player

  Peter Lanky 16:02 01 Oct 2009

I regularly burn a large number of photo images to DVD for weddings. I am using Vista, and always choose the 'Mastered' option. I have just had somebody contact me saying their TV DVD player won't play the DVD. The DVD media in question is a Lightscribe DVD+R, but I have had the problem once before using a conventional DVD-R media. Is there any way I can burn DVDs so that all TV DVD players will read them?

  DieSse 17:01 01 Oct 2009

Is there any way I can burn DVDs so that all TV DVD players will read them?

You can never guarantee it, as burned DVDs are simply not the same as stamped ones - their reflectivity is different, and they usually have more jitter than stamped ones.

You can try burning slower, different brands, etc - but at the end of the day, if there's a "fussier" DVD player out there, you can't do anything more.

  Peter Lanky 17:14 01 Oct 2009

Thanks DieSse

  lofty29 17:21 01 Oct 2009

I have usually found that it is the HIGH end dvd players that are the fussiest, whilst the cheapo's seem to take anything thrown at them.

  ashleycardwell94 17:52 01 Oct 2009

the disk might need even more finalising to work in the dvd player

  Peter Lanky 18:02 01 Oct 2009

Can you expand on that a little please. As far as I know, formatting using the 'mastered' method is as finalised as possible.

  sharpamat 19:00 01 Oct 2009

What program are you useing to burn these photos to DVD ?

Or are you just burning a series of Photos to a DVD.

  Peter Lanky 19:18 01 Oct 2009

I'm just using Windows. I select all the files, right click and select 'send to', send them to my DVD writer, and then select the mastered option when prompted to format. The photos are then burned in one session and (I assume so as I get a message telling me) finalised as soon as as burning is complete.

  sharpamat 19:45 01 Oct 2009

I always use a program to make a photo disc that can be used on most DVD players.

This may be the reason that its not played you say you do this regularly, and I think its more luck than anything that you have not had this before.

I use either Nero Or Cyberlink and creat a photo DVD which can then be viewed or displayed as a slideshow. these will play on almost all DVD players

  jack 20:06 01 Oct 2009

wrote Peter L
If this is Winbdows XP - then its built in routine does not Burn DVD's on its own.
It will need a third party program such as Nero orf the most excellent click here XP Pro.com
which is free and beats all others IMHO.

  jack 20:08 01 Oct 2009

Try this
click here

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