DVD won't play in laptop

  BeeWee 08:43 04 Jul 2007

Please can anyone explain why a DVD won't play in this laptop yet will play through the TV? The DVD is showing as empty (no files)when I try to play it on the laptop.

This is causing a bit of a problem because we are travelling around Australia in a motorhome. I want to watch a DVD on here whilst hubby watches the footy on the TV!!!
I hope someone can help me!

  Abi-Moore 08:47 04 Jul 2007

is it a recorded off tv dvd or commercially produced dvd ie movie

  BeeWee 08:49 04 Jul 2007

Well a friend of mine lent me some DVD's to come away with - I think this might be recorded from TV

  Abi-Moore 08:53 04 Jul 2007

my dvd recorder needs to finalize the dvd before playing on pc,can you check with your friend if this is the case.

  Abi-Moore 08:55 04 Jul 2007

vlc playe plays most hings and comes with codecs built in,but wont be able to play dvd if not finalized
click here

  BeeWee 09:06 04 Jul 2007

Thank you - that must be the problem. I'll try the player you are recommending but I'm not raising my hopes. It's strange that when I put it in the laptop and try to play it says there are no files, yet it plays on the TV

  Abi-Moore 09:13 04 Jul 2007

can you try a commercial/non tv recorded dvd to see if that plays ok?

"It's strange that when I put it in the laptop and try to play it says there are no files, yet it plays on the TV"
im no expert by any stretch of the imagination,but that happens when i dont finalize a tv recorded dvd ie no files on disc

Doesnt mean its the same for your set up though.

  BeeWee 11:05 04 Jul 2007

I have no problems playing any other DVD's - is there any way I can finalise this myself or does it have to be done on the machine it was recorded with? If this is so...I'm scuppered! Will have to watch the footy :-(

  Abi-Moore 11:21 04 Jul 2007

BeeWee,sorry looks like footy time.

  billydilly 11:32 04 Jul 2007

Try an driver update that night help you.

  BeeWee 11:43 04 Jul 2007

billydilly - please could you explain what I need to do in greater detail?

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