DVD won't play

  carper 19:07 21 Sep 2006

A DVD which I have recently burned plays very well on my DVD player but when attempting to play on my daughters machine a screen message comes up "check Disc" and then ejects the disc. The disc is clean and unmarked. Any ideas please. Thanks in advance regards Carper

  skidzy 19:29 21 Sep 2006

Does the drive play any other media disks cd/dvd's ?

  skidzy 19:32 21 Sep 2006

It may be just a matter of the Media not compatible on your daughters machine.

Just a thought,are you talking a standalone dvd player.

  rodriguez 19:35 21 Sep 2006

Is it a Region 2 PAL disc or has it been imported? A lot of DVD players are region locked, so they won't play discs that are outside the European region. Some DVD players are region free, which means it will play a disc from anywhere in the world. The most common imports are from America and these are Region 1 NTSC. If your disc says that on the back of it's case then that could be the problem.

  skidzy 19:39 21 Sep 2006

Its a disc he has burnt,i may be corrected but does this not burn in region 2 unless the setting is changed.Whereas only 4 changes are allowed on any operating system.Like i say i may be corrected on this.

  rodriguez 19:44 21 Sep 2006

It does burn in region 2 by default, but if it's been copied from a region 1 disc it could copy the region 1 information as well. I don't pay much attention to region codes as I unlocked all my DVD players to be region free. Another problem I just thought of could be with the format of the disc. If it's been burned in + format and the other machine will only read - then it won't play. I have to burn all mine on - discs as the DVD player downstairs won't accept + discs.

  postie24 19:46 21 Sep 2006

does your daughters machine play - & + formats.check which disc you done the burning on and see if its compatible with the dvd player

  skidzy 19:49 21 Sep 2006

I know the feeling:
"discs as the DVD player downstairs won't accept + discs."

Hence why i said the media may not be compatible,ive come across this problem quite often as im sure you have.

I have more success with the dvd-r than any other media.RW are a pain in the ****.

  postie24 19:54 21 Sep 2006

yep rw are a pain.there is a program called css free it enables you to play any region discs on your comp.have you heard of it?

  skidzy 19:59 21 Sep 2006

No Postie i havn't,as i do not have a lot to do with imported discs i dont think il need it thankyou.Very handy to know though.

Wonder if Carper is still there :-)))

  postie24 20:02 21 Sep 2006

not sure if he is there.css free works well skidzy

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