bartonside 23:08 28 Jan 2007

Hi guys and gals!

Excuse me for being rather dim (it's congenital) but I understand that DVDs can be used to store files and folders and that they can store much more than a CD-R. Is this so? Please advise!

  skidzy 23:10 28 Jan 2007

Yes its correct.

cd = 700 mb
Dvd = 4.7gb

  Totally-braindead 23:16 28 Jan 2007

Even more if you use a dual layer disk but they are still relatively pricey.

  zemdarin 12:51 29 Jan 2007

What is much more convenient though is an external USB2 hard drive. You can save anything on it 80GB 120GB 250GB 320GB so it all depends on how much you want to store and how much you want to pay. You can also get lower Gb's than that. Better than having to write on a DVD what is on it.

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