DVD Sound

  Rikku 19:00 03 Jan 2004

Hi i have had a problem with sound on DVD's since i updated my motherboard in july it happens in both win DVD and interactual and it appears to be a problem with initialising sound ... i have updated my sound driver but it makes no difference i still get the same error

in win dvd : windvd caused an error in WINDVD.EXE
Interactual: iplayer has caused an error in IVIAUDIO.AX

it plays a few seconds of video in win dvd and nothing in interactual.

  ©®@$? 19:04 03 Jan 2004

maybe its your grpahics driver that is causing a problem.

  Rikku 19:09 03 Jan 2004

i dont think so i only upgraded the mobo processor and sound ... it stopped workrking ... i have now had a new gfx bout 2 - 3 months back and i still got same prob i got most up to date drivers for that too.

  Rikku 19:13 03 Jan 2004

oh ya forgot to say..

OS: Win ME :(
Sound: soundmax ... built in on the asustek p4xp-x mobo
gfx: Leadtek geforce 4 MX 420 64MB SDR
processor: celeron 2.4 Oc'd to 3.2
everything else is identical to when i could play them i have a spare soundcard but its an old crappy one.

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