dvd software doesn't finish full dvd

  Tilly Flop 16:38 12 Nov 2006

I need some help again please. When I open the dvd on my dvd ripper software (ImToo dvd ripper 4) it indicates the video is 01:59:39 but when it's ripped it's only 01:35:51 ... it still plays fine on my dvd player but when ripped onto the computer it keeps stopping short. I've tried it now 3 times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated please.

Christine xxx

  Terry Brown 16:45 12 Nov 2006

I'm not sure that ripping DVD's is legal, however, some of the files could be compressed (Software protection), which stops the DVD ripper copying them.

  Tilly Flop 17:25 12 Nov 2006

Thanks Terry,

I'm not ripping a movie. It's a dvd full of shows with Il Divo performing recorded by a friend from the TV. I want to get the videos to the Il Divo website forum so the overseas members can watch them.

I could understand if it refused to rip any of the video but to almost finish & stop has me baffled.


  sebbywebby 17:43 12 Nov 2006

Just use Nero its so easy to use

  Tilly Flop 17:49 12 Nov 2006

Thanks Sebby .. I'll do that; wish me luck ...

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