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  [email protected] 16:03 06 Jan 2005

I have just used for the first time Pinnacle Studio which came bundled with my PC ages ago: never had a need to use it until a neighbour asked if I could put some of his photo's onto a disc which could be read on his home DVD machine. OK - great results and everybody pleased. I am so impressed I am ready to upgrade [from Studio 8 to 9] but before I do I was wondering if their are any other similar programs which could be recommended. Price is not an issue it's just that it's something new for me and I have done no reading up on the subject. Thanks for any advice.

  [email protected] 16:05 06 Jan 2005

Should have done the search first but still any comments welcome.

  Xevious 16:05 06 Jan 2005

you could even go as far as using Nero or Easy CD/DVD 6 or 7...

simply do a google search on DVD slideshow software and read some reviews!

(windows movie maker 2 also does a good job!)

  [email protected] 16:07 06 Jan 2005

Hi Xevious, thanks. I have Nero 5 point something but it doesnt look anything like as good as Studio 8 [maybe Nero is up to 8]?

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 16:09 06 Jan 2005

up date your nero its free for updates don`t mix updates for upgrades (which you pay for) nreo then will do a pretty good job

  [email protected] 16:20 06 Jan 2005

OK SurfMonkey - thanks for the tip.

  [email protected] 16:39 06 Jan 2005

SurfMonkey - looks like I have to pay to upgrade from 5 point whatever to 6 to get all the bells and whistles, but the updates to 6 seem very interesting. Do you have it as would like to know if it has the "transformation between slides" tools and if you can add audio? The upgrade from 5 to 6 is cheaper than the upgrade of Studio from 8 to 9 alsthough as I said earlier, the price is not an issue - just the tools to do the job.

  g0nvs 16:59 06 Jan 2005

The best program I have used is Pro-Show Gold, take a look here. click here

  Buchan 35 23:02 06 Jan 2005

Hey [email protected] surfmonkey said updates were ok but upgrades cost

  [email protected] 12:06 09 Jan 2005

Thanks Buchan 35 - I understood it correctly - I have to pay to upgrade from 5.5 to 6, but the updates to 6 are free [and incidentally look interesting]. I have had a look at Pro-Show Gold and that looks even more cool. Thanks for taking an interest.

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