DVD Shrink Concerns

  Internetwhizzkid 18:27 23 Dec 2006

I have just downloaded DVD shrink. Now my only concern is. If i press the backup button what does it do. From what it sounds like it rips data from the DVD thats it.

What i want to know is does it make a copy of the dvd and then compress it ready to be burned in nero. see i dont want to go ahead and find it damages my uncles new DVD please help me


it wont afect the dvd

  Stuartli 18:41 23 Dec 2006
  Stuartli 18:42 23 Dec 2006
  eedcam 18:51 23 Dec 2006

No it wont harm it when you select backup it does just what you said adialog box will appear and ask if you want to make an image file and then burn to dvd with Nero or if you just want to make an image .Suggest to put your mind at rest you click on its help button thereyou will find some more info and a website that gives a tutorial.It is very straightforward but appreciate your concern . You could always bung a less important dvd in and play with that to give you confidence . Come back if you are not sure Cheers

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