DVD Shrink & AnyDVD question

  DJ-Garry 23:40 25 Oct 2007

Does anyone here backup their bought DVD's before they let their kids loose with them?

I DO NOT want to get into the morals of this as it's been done over and over before but my question is:

Shrink DVD on it's own, will not copy Sony DVDs. So I use a sub program called AnyDVD that can bypass the special Sony encription. I've just dowloaded the very latest versions of these two programs onto my new Acer (Vista home premium) laptop and am not sure if it's the software or something NEW Sony are doing to their discs, but even by re-authoring, it will only shrink the main movie of Spiderman 3 by 1.2% making it FAR too big to fit onto a DV5 disc.

Had anyone else encountered this with Sony discs?
Cheers, Garry

  RockDockDud 00:17 26 Oct 2007

dont seem to be any problems
click here
is compression set to automatic in shrink.

or try right click anydvd fox icon in taskbar,rip to hard drive and then run it through shrink.

  Kev.Ifty 00:23 26 Oct 2007

As you know you are not allowed to circumnavigate the security on DVDs. Not even if you wish to back up your paid for expensive discs to make them Child proof!

I can sympathise, I too have Kids that don't know how to put discs back in their boxes.

A Friend of mine gave me a link to DVDFAB click here

I do not use it because it maybe illegal.

  Kev.Ifty 00:34 26 Oct 2007

click here

This may have been the one.

  DJ-Garry 00:45 26 Oct 2007

A very tackful post there !!!!

Thanks to you and RockDockDud. I'll give it a try (the uncrupleous cad that I am)

  RockDockDud 00:50 26 Oct 2007

could be the vista/shrink combination thats the problem
click here
the decryption is not the problem.
in shrink>edit >preferences>file i/o>
uncheck burn with nero
when backing up with shrink back up as iso image first,then burn image with imgburn

  DJ-Garry 01:29 26 Oct 2007

Tried unchecking Nero. Still wouldn't compress past 1.2%. Ripped it as a DV9 to HDD wih AnyDVD then got shrink to scan the HDD files and it compressed it fine to DV5.

That HAS to be something with the encryption doesn't it?

Ripping it with double scan for quality now. Let you know how it comes out when I burn it to DV5 disc tomorrow.

Cheers and goodnight guys.

  C3 01:34 26 Oct 2007

Try CloneDVD. It's from the same people who make AnyDVD. You can copy the whole disc or just the film itself. Just make sure you have AnyDVD running at the same time.

  pjwheeldon 02:13 26 Oct 2007

Agree with C3. I have been using AnyDVD and CloneDVD for a long time, and always had perfect results.

CloneDVD will compress the original to fit a DL onto a SL DVD, but will also allow you to remove some of the pointless extras such as adverts, music videos, etc. Doing this it is often possible to get the whole movie onto a SL dvd without compression.

Also copies to DL DVD for full copies without any compesssion whatsoever.

  topdude 08:57 26 Oct 2007

Hi, i'm not having any copying problems with my Acer and Vista. I use DVD Region+CSS Free and DVD Shrink and Nero.
You do need Nero to be version or higher for Vista.

  FatboySlim71 09:00 26 Oct 2007

I have on occasions used AnyDVD and Clone DVD to back up my kids DVDs (after a very expensive box set was ruined) I have never had any problems with this combination. On Clone DVD, when you choose "CLONE DVD INCLUDING ALL THE TITLES" there is a little box towards the bottom, this will show DVD 5 (this is when a single layered 4.3GB disk is used) or DVD 9 (this is when a dual layered 9.? GB disk is used).

Any time I have used Clone DVD I have always used single layered (4.3GB) disks and it has always managed to shrink it down to fit on to this disk type, also after it has done the shrinking down, it shows a quality bar which shows the finally quality, it either will be green, amber/yellow, or red, with green being the best quality, but the quality even if it goes into red is still excellent. At this point you can do what pjwheeldon mentions i.e. "remove some of the pointless extras such as adverts, music videos, etc" and with doing this the quality bar should move back up towards a better quality.

Arguable Clone DVD and AnyDVD are the best combination of doing what you want. Some may frown upon giving out the above advice but anyone who has kids will know just how easy it is for DVDs to get ruined, and I believe that if a person wants to back up their BOUGHT FILMS then they should be able to do so.

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