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  pcdimwit 13:34 23 Dec 2010

I have DVD decrypt and DVD shrink but even after it has shrunk a commercial DVD to less than 4.7gb for making a DVD I cant get the file to transfer to a blank DVD, on my newer laptop I have NTI gold pre-installed which has a DVD fit option which is GREAT for compressing a large DVD and then dropping the (less than) 4.7gb file onto a standard -DVD blank disk, can anyone recommend a free programme to download which will perform this operation in the same way that NTI Gold DVD-fit programme does? or tell me how to get the finished 4.7gb file from DVD shrink to just open the window to put the file directly onto a blank DVD - this is a real pain!!! thanks PCDIMWIT

  Ian in Northampton 13:37 23 Dec 2010

Not sure this is tremendously helpful, but I have two drives on my system. I just put the DVD to be copied in one, the DVD to be written to in the other and DVD Shrink does the whole thing automagically. Never had a problem...

  David4637 13:42 23 Dec 2010

Ditto with Ian, Shrink does the WHOLE process and is a brilliant piece of S/W. Read the instructions as it is requires an understanding.

  I am Spartacus 14:08 23 Dec 2010

It's a while since I used DVD Shrink but doesn't it use the Nero Burning ROM engine to copy to DVD so you have to have Nero installed for it to work smoothly? When I used it I used to have Nero installed so don't know what happens without it.

  eedcam 15:55 23 Dec 2010

Shrink only creates the file be it Iso or Folder you can then burn with any burner though it can use nero Yuk! as default it also compresses to around 4.2 which is the Norm
I would get imgburn its free and very straight forward probably start burning by the time Nero thinks about loading
click here make sure you scroll down to Imgburn download

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 23 Dec 2010

DVD decrypter will burn it to DVD

In DVD shrink - click the backup button - on the next screen that pops up select iso file Image file and burn with DVD decrypter
Note that during this step that the software creates a large file .iso file and then runs DVD decrypter to burn the film onto a DVD make sure a writeable DVD is placed in the drive now click ok

  pcdimwit 21:26 23 Dec 2010

I cant find the correct link for this IMGburn programme, have you got a dirct link from file hippo or somewhere?? also Fruit bat, I have the shrunken file in the DVD shrink, when I open "file" in the top left hand corner of DVD shrink and "open disc image" the file appears with the menus and extras in the "full disc back-up" box with the menus and extra etc., if I click on "back up" it opens a window that says the "select back up target" has ISO files, and in "select Target Image file" it shows that the file is "D://Edithpiaf/ISO" (its a French Piaf docu) but if I click on OK, it starts to do the "encoding" again in a little window with highspeed of DVD which takes about 8 mins and just keeps doing this ad-infinitum, it WONT drop the file onto a Blank DVD- disc, it used to do but for some reason it wont do it now - I hate these bloody computers!!! PCDIMIWT

  pcdimwit 21:35 23 Dec 2010

PS: Ive just "backed up" on DVD shrink the file, and at the end of the "encoding" it comes up with a large window that says: DVD shirnk has finished backing up your DVD......,all output files are ready for buring with appropriate burning software.....,DVD files saved to: D:/Piaf_MDS
and it WILL NOT open the DVD decrypt to burn the files automatically (it used to do before!!!) but for some reason it will NO WAY open the decrypter at all now. PCDIMWIT

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:53 23 Dec 2010

try reinstalling dvd decrypt

  eedcam 21:59 23 Dec 2010

click here same one ignore the first big blue box scroll down to the next one which has NEWS in the top blue border then clcik on click here to download

  pcdimwit 22:10 23 Dec 2010

can I download DVD decrypt from a web based link, say file hippo?? should I delete the current DVD decrypt BEFORE I install it again?? thanks

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