dvd shrink 3.2

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 12:47 12 Feb 2005

I used dvd shrink 3.2 for some time not just recently it started to play up opening the movie is ok backing up is ok but when I burn to dvd the whole movie is on dvd when I play the movie on my pc but when I play it on a dvd player the movie freezes in the middle then jumps to the end of the film as if the middle is missing but it dont do that when played on a pc I have uninstalled software for dvd shruink and nero and reinstalled still doing it pleas help

  Completealias 12:51 12 Feb 2005

Have you tried the disk in another DVD player to elimate the fact that the DVD player could be at fault.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 13:47 12 Feb 2005

yes I have 3 dvd players in the home all the same it used to be ok done many backup of my dvd`s and put the original up for safe keeping haven`t change anything my dvd drive is only a x4 but I only us x4 discs dvd-r x4 from memorex the dvd recorder a DVDRW IDE1008 Emprex

  €dstowe 14:05 12 Feb 2005

Delete the software and re-install. Might work, there's nothing to lose by trying this>

  €dstowe 14:07 12 Feb 2005

As DVD Shrink doesn't have its own burner, what are you using to burn the discs? Possibly a repair/re-install of that may be in order as well

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 14:33 12 Feb 2005

I use nero to burn discs reinstalled that yesterday burnt disc still the same cheaked dma support ok could it be the aspi drivers seem to recall somthing about that said somewhere.

  blister 14:00 13 Feb 2005

I had similar problems, made image of 'shrunk' dvd using "Image Tools Classic" and burned using "DVD decryptor" onto DVD+R, worked fine.
Both progs available from click here .

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 14:55 13 Feb 2005

cant seem to find Image Tools Classic to give it a go

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:20 13 Feb 2005

blister let me get this right 1 u shrunk dvd with dvdshrink. 2 then made an image with image tool classic. 3 then use dvd decyrpter to burn it i dvd

  TOPCAT® 15:51 13 Feb 2005

Quote from this forum linked to below. TC.

"Just to answer to those with any difficulty playing videos back on different machines:

1) Shrink your videos in ISO format with latest version of "DVD SHRINK".
2) Burn the ISO file with "DVD Decryptor".

This has been based on our personal experience."

click here

  maz2 16:38 13 Feb 2005

I also use a BTC 1008 which is the same as the Emprex and have been having problems lately, the problem with the drive is it is very fussy about the dye on DVD discs and unfortunately when you find one that works well they change the dye on it, I've been having terrible trouble recently finding some printable discs that it likes, at the moment I've 2 different ones both with supposedly the same dye it likes one and not the other, the picture breaks up and jumps on one. Could this be the problem? for myself I'm going to have to replace the drive at sometime because I'm nearly pulling my hair out and I don't fancy being bald

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