DVD-RW/CD-RW Nero Compatability

  kro 12:49 24 Nov 2005

First of all, apologies if this question has been asked before or is posted in the wrong forum.

I currently have a CD-RW (Lite-on LTR-52327s) and a DVD-ROM. The DVD-ROM has stopped working and I was thinking of replacing it with a cheap DVD-RW, but my investigations so far have found that DVD-RWs come with Nero V6. My CD-RW utilises Nero V5.5. I have tried installing Nero 6, but found that I lost RW capabilities.

So my question is, if I install a DVD-RW with Nero 6 will I suffer a loss in the functionality of the CD-RW? Or can I run two different versions of Nero simultaneously?

Also if anyone can offer some advice as to which of the Lite-On SHW-1635S and LG GSA-4167BA is better it would be appreciate. At the moment I’m leaning towards the LG.

Thank you.

  kalstras 12:51 24 Nov 2005

i use nero 6 on both, it utilises a cd and dvd write choice. My cd-rw came with my comp and record now was the dla software, but after installing a dvd-writer nero has assumed responsibility for both

  TonyM 12:55 24 Nov 2005

A DVD writer will write CDs as well , and probably a lot quicker than your old CD-RW unit .....you won't need both

  kalstras 12:58 24 Nov 2005

i only use cd-r's, not cd-rw, why should you? Use dvd-rw's and dvd-r's as they are far better for data storage, but only cd-r's for music and software (cd-r's are really cheap too)

  kro 13:14 24 Nov 2005

Thanks for the incredibly quite responses.

The reason I have been hoping to preserve my CD-RW's full capabilities is because it's only a year old (I know this like dog years in the computer world, but...) and because I have loads of CD-RWs (a bad case of paranoria after losing lots of data). But, as kalstras, points out, why have loads of CD-Rws when I can have few DVD-RWs!

Thanks a lot guys. Any advice on which DVD-RW to get?

  kalstras 13:23 24 Nov 2005

i am using an HP DVD Writer 635d. it was only about £40 and is awesome, however if you want one that also labels your discs there are others available. (I used PC world)

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