dvd-rw write speed

  picklsey 15:09 18 Oct 2004

i bought some blank dvd at the weekend supposed to be 8x but when i put them in my drive they come up as 2x.the discs in question are arita 8x dvd-r my dvd rw does support 8x,i got two of my neighbours to check them in there drives both different makes they got same result.is there any way i can check the true speed of these discs.xp home sp2.thanks.

  picklsey 16:33 18 Oct 2004

any thoughts.

  the lone ranger 18:14 18 Oct 2004

If you have Nero 6 there is a programme called toolkit which can check for you. Outsides of that......sorry

  picklsey 18:33 18 Oct 2004

the lone ranger.thanks for that will check out my nero 6.

  Lozzy 18:50 18 Oct 2004

Speed of the DVD disks will only run at a speed that your writer can cope with. I.E if your DVD recorder is only a 4X then a 8X DVD disk will only run to a max of 4x. What is the speed of recorder??

If the recorder is 8x and its working on its own with no other application running apart from the burning software the factors you need to work into the equation is processor power, ram, and what your burning.

  picklsey 08:13 19 Oct 2004

thanks all found the problem,surprise surprise the dummy strikes again.my r/w is a dual format it burns at 8x/4x + and 4x/2x on-.

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