DVD RW Reliability

  Peter 11:12 23 May 2003

Now that writeable and re-writeable DVD Drives are becoming cheaper and more available I was wondering about the reliability of re-writable DVDs.

This question is prompted by the apparent poor reliability of CD-RWs compared to CD-Rs. Does anyone know if the situation is the same for writeable DVDs and re-writeable DVDs?


  -pops- 11:17 23 May 2003

I asked exactly the same thing last week!!

Brian click here

  Peter 11:54 23 May 2003


Thanks for the link Brian; I didn't even think to search for this subject as I thought it would not have been asked before.

Perhaps with a new question being displayed we might get some extra response.


  -pops- 12:00 23 May 2003

Hope so!

Using recordable ones OK but having had disasters with CDRW disks, I'm a bit scared of entrusting large chunks of data to a DVDRW, whether or not it's +/- ;-))


  Peter 10:25 24 May 2003

Anyone else got any views on this subject please, or is it too early in the lifetime of re-writeable DVDs to ask?


  -pops- 10:49 24 May 2003

I have a couple on test but, who knows how long it will take before anything adverse happens??????????????????


  Peter 15:25 24 May 2003


Looks like it's only you and me -pops- that are interested in this question.


  -pops- 15:49 24 May 2003

Perhaps it's only me that's had such a disastrous time with CDRW disk that I distrust anything with RW in the name.

Never know, we may become world authorities on the unreliability of DVDRW devices!


  Peter 17:47 25 May 2003


Perhaps you (-pops-) and hssutton (mentioned in your link) could report on your finding about re-writeable DVD, when convenient, in a few months time.


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