DVD RW. Lenght of video clips??

  lahorie 13:40 12 Nov 2005

Hi Guys.

What is the maxmimum length of time a dvd rw disc will play. I know its about 4.7GB of data but am a bit confused as to the lenght of time. I want to put about 4 video clips onto DVD. I dont want to go through the process only to find out the time lenght has been exceeded.

Cheers Lahorie

  Carbonara 13:45 12 Nov 2005

Time doesn't really come into it, if you can put the clips onto the DVD without exceeding the max. size, it will play to the end.

  De Marcus™ 13:46 12 Nov 2005

You can make a DVD disk play upwards of 6 hours, this will immediately affect the quality of the video however. What size are the mpegs you plan on putting on disk?

  lahorie 13:52 12 Nov 2005

Hi Guys

about 700MB each. I have about 4 clips...The time goes to about 224 minutes, about 4 hours. I have a dvd+r here which says 2 hours video hence the confusion. Im using nero 6 to burn the dvd.



  Carbonara 13:58 12 Nov 2005

Nero should show a load level on screen as you add clips, providing it does not exceed the max. you can burn with no problem.

  lahorie 14:02 12 Nov 2005

Thanks Carbonara


  Carbonara 15:04 14 Nov 2005

Just had a late thought, probably the 2hr limit applies to Standalone DVD recorders recording "off air".

  greenlamp 16:15 14 Nov 2005

2 hour refers to "normal" quality on a standalone DVD Recorder, in "High quality" mode they will only record about 1 hour and in extended mode 4 to 6 hours depending on the recorder[with increasing loss of quality as compression increases]

On a PC "DVD video uses just over 2GB/hour" however more more than 2hours may be squeezed on a disk using a program such as "DVD Shrink".

If your 4 clips of 700MB[2.8GB total] cover over 4hours then they are probably already in a compressed format e.g. VCD or SVCD. While they will all fit easily onto a single DVD [with over 2GB to spare] I don't know if the files will need converting to play directly from a DVD.

  woodchip 16:19 14 Nov 2005

On my standalone DVD Recorder. It goes from about 1Houre HQ to 6 Houre SLP

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