DVD-RW and DVD+RW different capacities

  pj123 16:10 30 Sep 2006

I bought a couple of DVD+RW discs from my usual online supplier. They came as Philips DVD+RW 4.7gb 120min.

I needed a couple more in a hurry so I went to my local PC shop and got a couple of DVD-RW (just a few pence more than online) but these are Intenso DVD-RW 4.7gb 240min.

Both are 4.7gb so how do the +RW only allow 120min and -RW allow 240min?

  Totally-braindead 16:19 30 Sep 2006

I would guess that the minute rating is a guess bearing in mind you can burn info at different qualities. They are both 4.7 gb disks so must take the same amount of info.

As example if you burnt MP3 files at 256kps you would get less on it than if you burned at 128kps. Same with video. My stadalone DVD recorder can burn 1 hour at very high quality, 2 hours at high quality, 3 hours at stadard quality etc. I presume thats what they mean.

  Totally-braindead 16:19 30 Sep 2006

Appologies for the bad spelling.

  pj123 16:30 30 Sep 2006

Well as they are both Rewritable discs I will give them a try with Nero and see how I get on.

  Totally-braindead 16:34 30 Sep 2006

Its a guess pj123 but as you say, seeing as how they are the same capacity I cannot see how one can store more info than the other.
It can only be the way they decided to label the disks.

  pj123 17:01 30 Sep 2006

Both discs have successfully burnt the same 4.0gb of files. Minutes didn't come in to the equation.

I have a Liteon Standalone DVD recorder which can record 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours.

I have a 3 hour Beta tape (well quite a few really) which I am slowly trying to get on to DVD. I will give the same tape a go on both these DVD RW discs set at the 4 hour mark.

As this records in real time it will be at least 6 hours (more, if my partner wants to watch the TV) so I will post an update as and when I have finished the task.

  postie24 20:55 30 Sep 2006

Hi there pj123,i cant understand why the intenso discs would label their discs 240 mins.like totally braindead said they are both 4.7gb.both + & - formats store the same amount of data.must be misprint.

  greenlamp 00:48 01 Oct 2006

It's not a misprint just representing differently. Both are 4.7GB but if you are recording video on a standalone dvd recorder you will have a variety of record lengths depending on the degree of compression [mine offers 1 hour for high quality, 2 hour for standard quality and 4 hour for extended play]. So putting recording lengths on dvd's is like the adverts you see in the paper for binoculars (300% magnification [3 times magnification], see over x miles [see as far as you can with the naked eye, without any obstruction] etc.) While not exactly inaccurate they are designed to lead the unwary to believe they are getting more for their money than they actually are.

  pj123 10:56 01 Oct 2006

Well, both the DVDs recorded the same 3 hour Beta tape with no problems.

I am now going to try a 6 hours VHS tape and assume that will also record OK.

Will class this thread as resolved.

Thanks Guys.


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