agostini 23:36 06 Nov 2007

whats the dif between DVD-RW & DVD+RW

  mrwoowoo 23:45 06 Nov 2007

Both are virtually the same as in they both do the same job.DVD plus is mainly backed by Philips, HP and Dell. DVD minus is mainly backed by Pioneer, Toshiba and Apple.
A bit like the old vhs verses betamax war in video recorders years ago.Each has it's advantages and disadvantages but nothing to worry about.Both formats will probably be around for a long time yet,unlike betamax.
To sum up.Whatever works best in your writer,is whats the best to use.

  agostini 10:03 07 Nov 2007

thanks mrwoowoo

  johnnyrocker 10:33 07 Nov 2007

and the completed tick?


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