DVD-RW Drive problem...won't read anything

  Sunflowerpisces 21:39 10 Jan 2008

Ok I have searched threads for hours and cannot find a solution to my problem. Do I need to buy a new DVD-RW drive? Here's the situation: An exboyfriend of mine originally installed the drive, we didn't end on good terms so I refuse to ask him. LOL I have no manual or disks or anything that came with it. One day I took it out and installed it into another computer to burn something on that computer (which didn't work!) and then moved it back. I know everything is connected correctly inside, but now the drive will not read any disks. My CD-ROM/burner works fine. DVD-ROM used to play DVD's AND burn them. I guess that is a DVD reader and writer then? Sometimes it switches in the E drive from CD-R to DVD-RW too! Anyway, now I just keep getting the message, "please insert disk into drive E" no matter what I try to do. I have went into properties for the drive and it is listed as TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552D. I made sure that "Enable CD recording on this drive" was checked. I am not sure which firmware to download. I am using Windows XP. I also tried to add to registry following advice on another post. If I uninstall my device will it be able to be reinstalled/detected by the computer? I would appreciate any advice you have for me SO VERY MUCH! Thank you all in advance! :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:45 10 Jan 2008

1. check power cable to drive is fully inserted
2. check data cable is fully inserted at drive and at motherboard end.

3. uninstall in device manager and the reboot the PC let windows find and install new hardware

4. retry a disk and see if it has made any difference.

  Sunflowerpisces 23:19 10 Jan 2008

Hi there. All of my cables are connected and I uninstalled the drive and the computer found it when I restarted but it still isn't detecting a disk of any sort. The device manager found no problems with the device...says it's working properly. The drive ejects and when I close it the green light flashes on and off and then goes off for good and the disk doesn't spin at all. Any ideas you have would be great. I've spent all day doing this. Grrr.

  Sunflowerpisces 23:22 10 Jan 2008

I also went to the samsung website and did a live update for firmware but still isn't working and it said it didn't support the hardware I was using.

  Technotiger 23:26 10 Jan 2008

A long-shot perhaps, but try running a Cleaning CD in the drive - it might simply be a dirty Laser.

  Sunflowerpisces 23:33 10 Jan 2008

A dumb question but should I have one of these? Or do I need to buy one? :)

  Technotiger 23:41 10 Jan 2008

You need to buy one - only a Pound or so, from any shop which sells PC stuff or Audio/Video CD/DVD's.

  Technotiger 23:45 10 Jan 2008
  Sunflowerpisces 18:41 11 Jan 2008

Thanks Technotiger. Fruitbat or anyone else...any suggestions?

  Sunflowerpisces 19:14 11 Jan 2008

Ok here's some more info I forgot to mention. I added another harddrive to my computer. It was my first time, but it is working well aside from the fact that when the Dell screen comes up after a restart, there is a big line of letters and symbols above the Dell logo that makes me think I may have made an error of some sort when installing the 2nd drive, even though it is working ok. It wasn't there before and is weird. Anyway, I added the 2nd hard drive at the same time as moving the DVD-RW drive back to this computer. So could this have affected the drive reading the disk or the way the drive functions? Also, what should the boot order be on the boot menu? I also messed with that after I hooked up the 2nd hard drive. Thanks in advance for any help!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 11 Jan 2008

2 harddrives + 2 optical dives (CDRW and DVDRW)
therefore 2 IDE cables

You need a master and slave on each cable, better if hard drives NOT on same cable as optical drives.

IS HDD 1 on IDE one cable and set as master on the jumpers?

HDD 2 should be on same cable and set as slave

DVDRW should be on IDE2 cable and set as master and CDRW on same cable set as slave.

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