DVD RW Drive problem

  Duncan H 12:20 28 May 2005

Hello - I installed a new DVD burner yesterday (a NEC ND-3520A) into my system which runs XP pro.

The drive is recognised as a DVD burner in my computer and powers on. It will play DVD media that is pre recorded such as PC Advisor DVD, but when i tried to burn some files to a blank DVD (memorex DVD-R) the drive shows up as a CD drive only and wont open the DVD to drag files to, error message is: H is not accessible Incorrect function.

Any ideas??

  Retired Hurt 12:26 28 May 2005

My DVD will read all formats, but will only burn the DVD-R and DVD-RW formats. Maybe your drive prefers DVD+R ? Just a notion. Close inspection of the documentation may reveal all.

  Joe R 12:30 28 May 2005

Duncan H,

what burning software are you using.?

  Duncan H 12:48 28 May 2005

I am using Nero 6 Ultra. I have the DVD burner set as slave on the same cable as my old combo DVD / CR/RW drive (master)if that helps.

I dont even get to the buring software section, in my computer it wont even recognise the drive once i insert a DVD -R disk.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:04 28 May 2005

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  Joe R 13:11 28 May 2005

Duncan H,

Can you open Nero startsmart before you insert a disk, and see if it gives you the opportunity, to change to dvd, in the drop down menu at the top.?

  Duncan H 13:21 28 May 2005

Joe R You got it mate - changed to DVD before inserting disk and is now burning away happily.

Cheers everyone for the advice

  pj123 13:24 28 May 2005

Well according to this site click here

you shouldn't have a problem. I think I would suggest you change the jumpers. Make the NEC the master and the other optical the slave and give it a go. Or make the NEC the master and disconnect the other optical temporarily. As a DVD burner will also burn CDs you may find you don't need both.

One other (maybe silly) question. You are selecting DVD in Nero aren't you?

  pj123 13:26 28 May 2005

Damn. got beat again by 13 minutes.

  Philwane 13:29 28 May 2005

Open Nero burning program click file new change in drop down menu to DVD.
click recorder in the drop down menu click choose recorder and see if it displays your NEC ND-3520A

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