DVD +RW disks needed

  mahalo 11:03 16 Jul 2006

I have bought a new DVd recorder and this one requires plus rw and r. I can use the minus ones that I have on the computer, can anyone recommend a supplier please ?

  €dstowe 11:06 16 Jul 2006
  johnnyrocker 11:07 16 Jul 2006

click here.


  mahalo 11:10 16 Jul 2006

Also could you explain to me the difference or advantages of 4x, 8x, 16x and dual layer disks ?, I know it's a lot to ask, I just dont want to buy the wrong ones.

  €dstowe 11:18 16 Jul 2006

Look to what your machine will accept.

If your machine only takes, up to 8x, then a 16x will not work.

If it's for a DVD recorder for recording from TV/video derived signals them there is little point in buying high speed disks and paying extra for them.

I doubt if dual layer disks will be of much use to you in this situation.

  The Old Mod 11:21 16 Jul 2006

Hi, Aldis are selling a pack of five DVD+rw for around £4.00ish. 4x 8x 16x are the max speed that the discs can be written to. A standard disc can hold 4.7 gb a dual layer double that, but requires a writer that can write to them.
Hope this helps.

  €dstowe 11:25 16 Jul 2006

Sorry, a bit got lot from my previous post. What it should have said was:

"If your machine only takes, up to 8x, then a 16x will not work at the full speed so you are wasting money paying for the advanced capability."

  dms05 11:31 16 Jul 2006

I noted my local Tesco was selling a pack of 25 DVR+RW for £12.50. That's 50p/each. They had -RW as well.

They also had DVD+R at the same price but for 50, so 25p each. I bought a pack and they worked well with my Lite-On 5045 DVD Recorder with 160Gb HDD. They had -R at the same price.

  Starfox 11:39 16 Jul 2006

Logik at

click here

I have found that these are the best discs I have ever used, never had a failure with one yet.

They were offering them at £4-99 in store last weekend but the price may have gone back up again.

  Lokit 12:07 16 Jul 2006

You won't do much better than these...

click here - can recommend these!! - £15 roughly for 50 inc delivery...

Recommended - a quality product.

  mahalo 16:24 16 Jul 2006

sorry about the delay in replying, Edstowe, I have cheeked the player instructions and has no mention of the speed. Do you think I should just buy 4x ?
Thank you

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