DVD RW that becomes a CD RW ?

  Winnie 275 20:43 22 Nov 2006

I am having a spot of bother with a recently installed DVD Rewriter. As soon as I put a DVD (+or- makes no difference) the drive shows the disk as a CD R and tells me there is no space on it. I am sure its something simple, I have changed it from the primary to secondary drive, even plugged it in on its own as was suggested to me. Can anyone point out the obvious or come up with a suggestion please?

  [email protected] 21:28 22 Nov 2006

Sounds like it has not been recognised by Windows. Was it a CD drive before?
Assume it's XP! - have a look in BIOS setup and see what it's listed as.
Have a look in Device Manager and look for yellow question marks.
Open "My Computer" and see what it's listed as.
It may just be a case of switch off / remove it / switch on (to detect new config) / switch off / install it / switch on again - and hope it gets detected.

  Winnie 275 21:38 22 Nov 2006

Windows recognises it as exactly what it is until I put a disk in it, then it becomes a CD R with a DVD in it. It then tells me that the disk is full!! I have tried the new device in the slot previously occupied by both a DVD player and A CD RW, but it makes no difference. In respect of the BIOS settings it is listed as exactly what it is with the correct details listed. The device manager tells me it is working correctly, and there are no signs of any question marks. Its all getting a little frustrating!!

  Totally-braindead 22:06 22 Nov 2006

Mine does the same as far as the changing names from a DVD-RW to a CD ROM and as I am concerned its perfectly normal. I can still burn DVDs and use Nero for this.
When you say the disk is full when does it do this? Are you trying to use Windows built in burner perhaps as it will only write to CDs not DVDs.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:10 22 Nov 2006

What software are you using? If Nero prior to 6 it will not recognise DVDs I believe...

  BRYNIT 22:18 22 Nov 2006

A few thing to remember when using blank disks.

As Windows can not read blank DVD/CD disks it will always show the drive as a CD drive and the disk as full if viewed from my computer. Even when you create a multisession disk windows will only show how much of the disk has been used and not how much is left.

You can not write to DVDs using the Windows writing program. You will need a program like Nero to write to DVDs.

  Totally-braindead 22:21 22 Nov 2006

Which is why I was asking what program you are using to burn a disk.

  woodchip 22:45 22 Nov 2006

If you are looking at this in NERO check if it's in a Drop Down For the Drive. You could Also Uninstall the Optical Drive in Device Manager then Restart Computer for it to Reconfigure the Drive

  De Marcus™ 22:56 22 Nov 2006

It's fairly normal and mundane for your drive to show a blank CD instead of a blank DVD, XP doesn't support DVD writing. This is where 3rd party applications such as Nero come in handy because regardless of what the drive looks like in my computer it should always burn OK in Nero (provided you don't have other problems in this area), however, that doesn't help you if your not using Nero. What would help is if you explained what your trying to burn and the software your using to doing this...

  Stuartli 23:07 22 Nov 2006

Just for interest my XP Pro system shows a DVD-RAM drive (rewriter) and a DVD drive (five-year-old Pioneer 116 DVD-ROM) in My Computer and both drives are given their full make and model numbers (it's a new Sony rewriter) in Device Manager.

  Totally-braindead 23:32 22 Nov 2006

Mine shows its a DVD-RW drive and a DVD ROM but when you put a blank DVD in the writer it changes to a CD ROM drive, doesn't matter cos it still burns the disk.

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