DVD R/RW question

  Simon_P 13:52 25 May 2004

I currently have a DVD rom which is failing and only reads disks when it feels like it, so maybe it is time to move forward and get a DVDRW.

This however raises a few questions

How stable is DVD R media compared to CD R media for long term storage?

Which is the best writing format + or -?

What I need is to be able to back up medium to large image folders/files primarily, and to play DVD movies/music.

Sys spec
AMD 2800+ 1Gb DDR
Win XP home sp1 etc
So that should be well within spec


  rickf 14:01 25 May 2004

My experience is that -R plays in most standalone dvd players. They are also much cheaper. I picked up 25 cake Datawrite, yellow, for £10 over the w/end. Generally, they are bwteen £13-£15 per cake. REmember though that these write once only as opposed to-/+RWs.

  Simon_P 14:05 25 May 2004

I should have said that I am just archiving large image files mainly so R is sufficient as they don’t need to be altered or re-written.

  rickf 14:10 25 May 2004

I have not had any probs. They been very stable for me.

  Simon_P 20:39 25 May 2004

Opinions? ^Bump^

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 21:52 25 May 2004

The Verbatim Datalife disks have a lifetime warranty, so the blurb says.

  woodchip 21:58 25 May 2004

I got some Datasafe Media DVDRW + 2.4x at £1.50 each from Comp faire and they work OK with my DVDRW. They also are Yellow top

  Simon_P 00:15 26 May 2004

I'm sorry I dont know what yellow top is.

  BBez 00:25 26 May 2004

Watch the LG - Goldstar 4040-B drive.

Worked fine for a few months in which time i've had to do 3 BIOS firmware flashes to get it to accept various formats (super-multiwrite drive).

Handled unbranded -r's at first at x4, now only writes them at x2. +r's (Ritek) & DVD-RAM write happily at x4...

Get discs with a purple look to the data side of the disc, they are compatible with anything you play them in... Also discs made by "Ritek" give me no problems regardless of Format

  Simon_P 00:51 26 May 2004

I have had LG CDRom and DVDrom and they have both packed up, so I think I will look elseware, on the other hand thier tft's are very good, I guess no ones perfect.

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