dvd rom's play DVD's but cant read data discs

  bigboab y 17:56 20 Apr 2007

Bought a second hand Pentium 4 tower...swapped my DVD player and DVD rewriter drives into it.I now find that both drives can play DVD's ok,but when I try to load a utility,e.g Photoshop 7 or Photosuite,they dont seem able to read the data .Theres 512 megs ram and an almost empty 40gig hard drive along with XP ..any ideas on a fix ...cheers

  skidzy 18:23 20 Apr 2007

click here
click here

Couple of things to try.

  bigboab y 18:54 20 Apr 2007

No joy with either of the above links Skidzy... would it be worthwhile running the windows install disc again?

  moorie- 18:58 20 Apr 2007

have you tried updating the firmware for the drives?

  bigboab y 19:20 20 Apr 2007

How do I do that?? I have checked that the drives are set to "DMA if available".

  moorie- 19:35 20 Apr 2007

visit your optical drives manufacturers website

  bigboab y 19:38 20 Apr 2007

Ive dug out a cuppla wee discs with some games on it.. not very big programs ..and they loaded ok .. is there some sort of "cache" or summink that needs increased to allow bigger programs to load?? Both these drives worked perfectly in my old tower

  skidzy 20:39 20 Apr 2007

Have you loaded any dvd burning software yet,such as Nero,Sonic,Roxio etc

  bigboab y 20:42 20 Apr 2007

No I havnt Skidsy ..is it needed?

  skidzy 20:46 20 Apr 2007

Possibly,normally i would load the burning software first after installing new drives.

I have heard of this,but for the life of me cannot think of the solution.

Load your burning package if it will let you.

  bigboab y 20:49 20 Apr 2007

But I dont understand why they just wont read...cant see that having anyfing to do with burning software..

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