DVD Rom problems

  tony-guitar 23:28 10 Mar 2008

I have a Mesh PC from 2002. Its XP/SP2 with on-board sound which i later upgraded with a Soundblaster 'Live 5.1' card.This came with Creatives 'Playcentre' and 'Recorder' and is adequate for me.For Xmas 2006 i got my daughter a Creative Zen mp3 which came with Media Source 5 software but against forum advice, loaded from the cd. Not liking it, i tried to uninstall it using Add/Remove programs. Since then i don't have the original menu asking what i want to do when i insert a disk, I usually have to go to My Computer & open Drive D. Then i get a box appear saying D:\is not accessible, access is denied. A reboot often clears it for a while but error returns. Any ideas please - Tony

  brundle 23:32 10 Mar 2008

Autorun fix;click here

Not sure about the second problem - can you access any discs at all with that drive when its bringing up the error message? Either CDs or DVDs

  tony-guitar 09:39 11 Mar 2008

Hi, No i can't. Generally a reboot works although after posting the question, i completely unlogged myself then re-logged and it worked that time. I'm convinced the problem lies with that 'Media Source 5' software that i uninstalled last winter, deleting something else with it, cos everything was fine before then. With autoplay, i've tried the usual fix (D drive, Properties etc) + the Tweak UI fix, neither helped. However at the moment, putting a cd in will play using the Creative PlayCentre (came with soundcard) without prompting.

  brundle 21:31 11 Mar 2008

Hold shift when you insert a disc, then look at the `autorun.inf` entry on the disc. Or were you referring to audio CDs? Holding shift still ought to prevent autorun in any case

  tony-guitar 11:04 12 Mar 2008

Hi, holding shift doesn't make any difference. The audio disc i just tried started playing ok with Creative's PlayCentre,( the player is displayed on screen) but i don't get the original screen asking me what it would like me to do, the result being that if i put in, say, the PC Advisor disc, i have to go to My Computer to open the D Drive manually, which doesn't always work as mentioned earlier.

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