DVD-rom and hard-drive

  dark-horse 20:30 18 Apr 2005

Have connected a second hard-drive on the same slave lead as the dvd-rom, but it only shows up if I disconnect the dvd-rom.

  timeteam2004 20:38 18 Apr 2005

Make sure they are not both set as master or both as slave.

  PA28 20:46 18 Apr 2005

My favoured convention is to connect hard drives on IDE 1 (Master and Slave) and connect CD/DVDs on IDE2 (again correctly configured).

  wobblymike 22:15 18 Apr 2005

agree totally with pa28 - much the best way

  Totally-braindead 22:45 18 Apr 2005

I think timeteam2004 has hit the nail on the head there dark-horse.

  dark-horse 16:01 23 Apr 2005

Thanks for the advice. How do I make sure master and slave set differntly. Have tried to connect two hard drives to IDE1, but it only recognises the larger HDD? I only recognises the smaller HDD if I have it connected to the IDE port alone. Assuming the help I get with this problem solves this issue. If I wanted to connect a third HDD, it would have to be on IDE2 along with the DVD-ROM. Is this allowed and how do I make sure the configuration is correct? Apologies if these seem simple questions, but i'm just a novice at this.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:28 23 Apr 2005
  PA28 20:17 26 Apr 2005

There are jumpers on the back of each drive - if you're lucky the pairs for master and slave will be printed on the drive itself - failingthat go to the manufacturers website for jumper settings. They MUST be right for this to work - master on the end of IDE 1 and slave on the intermediate connector is preferred.

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