DVD-ROM and DVD-RW Drive Problems

  Rogmur 22:00 19 Jun 2008

Greetings to all Forum Members
Where to start?

I suspect my problem is the result of installing SP3 (Win XP).

I have a DVD-ROM drive and a DVD-RW Drive (Both Sony).

In "My Computer" both dirves appear as "CD Drives"

However, when I boot up my PC or Restart the PC I am immediately greeted with the "Windows Found New Hardware Wizard" which annoyingly, asks me for the "Drivers" for the DVD Drives.

If I click on OK the Wizard chugs away for a minute of so befroe telling me that it "Cannot Install the Software for the Hardware.

The only Software I use for burning DVD's and CDR's is Nero 6, (using INCD.

The DVD-RW drive recognises the INCD burning and Reading aspects of DVD+RW Disk.

There are several other peculiarities as well, but I do not want to complicate matters further.

I do hope someone can help as I have tried evrything

Kind regards


  chub_tor 22:07 19 Jun 2008

"I have tried evrything" but have you tried uninstalling the drives in Device Manager and then rebooting or using Find New Hardware to let Windows reinstall the drivers

  Stuartli 00:09 20 Jun 2008

Both CD and DVD optical drives are treated/listed basically as CD drives by Windows and, in either form, they only require the standard Windows CDROM driver.

You will need to ensure that the drives have leads and cables firmly attached and that the rewriter is jumpered as the Master and the ROM drive as the Slave.

If you Uninstall both from Device Manager and then boot up, Windows will Find New Hardware and install the CDROM driver for both; it should also correctly give the rewriter the D drive letter and the ROM drive E (if you only have one hard drive, otherwise these will move on in sequence).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:22 20 Jun 2008

Virtually all CDs /DVDs players and writers will use the same windows drivers in XP. they are in the windows\system32\dirvers\ or windows\system32\DRIVERS \ folder and are:-





and in the windows\system32 folder


try device manager update driver and install these files. to get your CD/DVD working again.

  Rogmur 12:05 20 Jun 2008

Thanks for your advice.

Firstly,in response to chub_tor, I have already done that several times and still receive the error message "Unable to Install theis Hardware".

Thank you Stuartli for your suggsetion, I will check the cables of bith drives, and also the jumper settings.

And Fruit Bat /\0/\, what you have advised is also a good idea as I have checked the Windows system folder, and for some strange reason the
followng are missing;





Is there any way of installing these, (I have already tried the FNHW, without success).

Thanks again to allof you for your help.

Kind regards


  Stuartli 12:56 20 Jun 2008

You can either run ChkDisk or type in:

sfc /scannow (note the space)

into the Run box. You will probably need your installation disk.

You can run ChkDisk by right clicking on My Computer>same again on your hard drive icon>Properties>Tools tab>Click on Error checking section's Check Now button.

You will need to restart your computer for ChkDisk to run.

  Rogmur 16:27 20 Jun 2008

Hi Stuartli

I have now run sfc and ChkDisk, but still the "Found New Hardware Wizard" appears on re-boot, asking for the drivers for the DVD-Drives.

Kind Regards


  Stuartli 19:06 20 Jun 2008


Have you got the latest version of Nero 6 (

If not, go to:

click here

  Stuartli 19:08 20 Jun 2008

Another thought is to Uninstall SP3 from Add/Remove Programs, do a defrag and then download the smaller version of SP3 Final and install it.

Do another defrag afterwards as it's surprising what this finds.

  Rogmur 23:10 20 Jun 2008

Hi Stuartli

Thanks again for your advice (and the Nero Update link, much obliged).

I shall uninstall SP3 and defrag afterwards.

Many thanks once again.

Kind regards


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