Dvd rom drive status led flashing Constantly

  Field Division 09:35 16 Nov 2006

I have an IBM think pad with a dvd writer on board, when I boot up m/c the led on drive flashes all the time,I have check my bios set up incase it was set to check drive on start up but it isn't, how can i get this to stop flashing as though it is looking for media all the time,


  Stuartli 09:45 16 Nov 2006

Try disabling Auto Insert Notification from Device Manager.

  Field Division 10:51 16 Nov 2006

Okay will give that a bash when I get home..thanks Stuartli

  Field Division 00:52 17 Nov 2006

doesnt seem to have the option in device manager for disabling auto insert

  rodriguez 02:00 17 Nov 2006

It seems as if the drive is trying to read a disc that isn't there. The lasers in CD/DVD drives look for reflective material that shines the beam back and tells them to spin the disc up and read the TOC. If you put a random piece of reflective material over the top of the laser, it will read and read and not do much else because there's nothing to read. So there could be something shiny lodged in the drive somehow...or the drive could be just knackered. If it tried to read as soon as the laptop is switched on, then I suspect one of those two causes, as this problem occuring straight from switch-on is unlikely to be software.

  Stuartli 09:14 17 Nov 2006

You'll probably find it as AutoPlay in XP - in My Computer highlight the drive>right click>Properties>AutoPlay tab.

  Field Division 10:12 17 Nov 2006

Will try the autoplay which sounds could be the cause then again so does the reflective issue,as when I powered on L/T last night the drive didnt do its usual and scan for a disk

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