DVD Rewriters

  Si1971 17:45 24 Nov 2006

I'm looking to buy a DVD rewriter for my PC, however, I'm not sure what the industry standard is and find the list of products on offer a bit bewildering. Can anyone explain or perhaps direct me to a layman's guide. Thanks

  SB23 19:53 24 Nov 2006

As someone once told me, "Google is your friend".
I just Googled, and found info and suppliers. You may also find explanations.


  Sloper69 19:55 24 Nov 2006

There are many types of DVD rewriter on the market. First, you need to decide if you want an internal DVD rewriter or external model. If a desktop pc, an internal drive is generally easier to achieve as many pc's have spare slots for upgrades/changes.

DVD rewriters, like CD rewriters, offer many disk formats - DVD-Rw, DVD+RW,etc. Personally, I use a dvd multirecorder that means I don't have to worry too much about what disk I pick up when a half-asleep in PC world. I have a Sony drive but there are many good makes.

A site for the DVD novice: click here

  Totally-braindead 16:03 25 Nov 2006

As far as I am concerned the only real decisions you have to make is do you want one that will write to DVD RAM as well as DVD+ and - disks and do you want one with Lightscribe which you use to write on the disk like a label. Lightscribe disks are more expensive as are DVD RAM disks so personally I just bought a bog standard drive that writes to DVD+ and -R and RW disks as well. Have to say I don't use RW disks as I don't find them stable enough.
If you bought something like this click here you wouldn't go far wrong or if you haven't got the burning software then perhaps this click here If you don't have the software you're as well buying a drive that has the software included as Windows XP will not write to DVD only to CD.

  postie24 16:27 25 Nov 2006

Heres a good external usb one click here

  squillary 10:54 26 Nov 2006

I think the other feature worth mentioning is "Dual-Layer" which allows twice the amount to be written to disk - 9.4Gb rather than 4.7Gb. 18-speed seems to be the fastest speed too.

Bare drive click here

Retail drive inc Nero click here

  Strawballs 12:39 26 Nov 2006

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