DVD Rewriter Ripping Problems.

  Ascot Monkey 10:58 02 Jul 2006


This problem steems back to when i first used this media.

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It was on a special offer, and it was the cheapest 16x media around, so i thought i'll give it a go, i can see why! my hit ratio was 1 in every 3 - 4 if i was lucky, when ripping this media, it caused the drive to speed up really fast and slow down, and now days this is how my drive works all the time.

I know there is sometimes when you are ripping media this happens, depending on what
you are copying, but this is totally differant to what i'm experiencing

There are also times it will only rip 8 - 10 mm of the same media and dies, it's always around 8 - 10 mm no bigger, and other times it will rip to the end.

I thought it might be the media but it works fine on another drive i have, and like i said there are other times it will rip to the end.

Is the drive broken or would it be a communication problem from computer to drive.

  Ascot Monkey 11:00 02 Jul 2006

Forgive my manners.

Thanks to all that give advice.

  Chris147 15:38 02 Jul 2006

The first thing I would do in this situation is delete the driver for the drive (WinKey+PauseBreak, Hardware tab, Device Manager) and then reboot your PC. If you have a driver disk that came with the device, use it - otherwise let Windows find an appropriate driver.

If the device is more than 6 months old, go to the manufacturer's web site and see if there are any bios (sometimes called firmware) upgrades. If there are, apply them (there'll almost certainly be instructions how to do this).



  Ascot Monkey 08:33 04 Jul 2006

Hi Chris

I have a pionner 110D, and it did not come with
a disc, i think it's the drive it's self.

I bought it from SVP and you know what their like taking back a faulty drive, compare it to
the The Great Plague in London - 1665.

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