DVD Rewriter region setting

  chriscross72 11:53 21 Mar 2006

recently when I played a dvd on my pc i had a message come up informing me that my dvd rom was set to region 1 and i needed to reset it to region 2.
I did this to be told that I had 4 more changes of region available.
What happens if I change the region code another 4 times ....does my dvd become permanantly locked onto that region ?
Is it possible to make my drive permanantly region free ?
It is a TTST Corp CD/DVDW TS-H552B unit that came with the E-Machines E4020 pc
I have Windows xp home installed

Thank You : ))

  daxian 15:07 21 Mar 2006

hi chriscross72...
simple answer is yes ....it will lock to one region once the changes are used up .
there are options however ,you can obtain a firmware update to make the drive region free,possibly through the makers website.
also there is a program ,"dvd region free"available ,but i think you would need to pay for it .
i have two drives,one dvd rom or reader,set to region 1,the other is a dvd writer,set to region 2,this works for me (as long as i dont forget which is which).hope this helps .......Dave.

  chriscross72 20:08 21 Mar 2006

Thanks for your advice dave...i'll take note of your recommendations : ))

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