DVD Rewriter not reading discs

  G0lfer 10:04 21 Jul 2010

Hello Techies

I have an Acer Aspire desktop model T310-3970 which has a Celeron CPU running at 2.8GHz. It also has 2GB of RAM and works off Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 3).

Just recently I switched it off to clean out the room and, after shuffling it and the desk about, when I switched it back on it didn't work.

I figured that the PSU had gone so I replaced the 200W one with a more powerfull (I've added more RAM, a second hard drive and a graphics card) 350W one.

That did the trick and the PC booted up. The only thing was the DVD drive (Pioneer DVR-109RD)wasn't working. I think that this went faulty and took out the PSU.

Went to my local PC World and bought a LG Internal GH22 rewriter (PATA).

Installed it, checked it was seen OK in the BIOS but it didn't work first time around. Then I realised that I hadn't uninstalled the old ones drivers. Went into device manager and did this.

On rebooting the PC the plug and play recognised the new hardware and seemed to install it OK without prompting me to insert the CD that came with the drive.

The new drive is seen in My Computer (E:)but when I insert discs it wont read them.

Anyone got any idea's ???

The 2 hard drives are on the primary IDE slot and work fine. The new DVD drive is the sole component on the secondary slot and the jumper is set to Master (tried CS as well). I've tried swapping the IDE ribbon cable about too.

I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and again it does this OK without prompting me to insert the CD which is slightly confusing as I wouldn't have thought it could find the drivers without this. This is leading me to think it hasn't installed the drivers correctly which is causing the problem.

I've tried a search on this forum to no avail. I've also tried googling the issue. While there is some history on LG drives I cant seem to find anything related to this exact issue.

Cheers in advance for any suggestions.


  robin_x 10:14 21 Jul 2010

I bought a new W7 laptop last year and upgrade W7 disc for my upstairs PC.

The upstairs DVD packed up immediately.

Since it is also connected to an external USB DVDRW drive, I wasn't too worried.

And of course my laptop has a DVDRW drive.

Since then I have Googled occasionally.
Bit of a coincidence. upgrade from XP to W7 and the DVD packs up.

Vut I have now come to think the DVD laser has failed.
It still works as a CD drive.

You could try this utility, you may be lucky.

click here

  MAT ALAN 10:45 21 Jul 2010

Could just be the media at fault, there are a lot of drives that will not work purely by the make of disc you put in them....

  G0lfer 11:11 21 Jul 2010

Thanks for the replies so far.

Robin - I tried the trouble shooting utility. It said it detected problems but it was unable to fix them. It wouldn't specify what the problem was. I'll look into this further.

Mat - I've tried numerous media. It won't even read the CD that came with the drive.

Should have mentioned before that in Device Manger it says that the drive is working OK.

Unless anyone has any other suggestions I think the way forward is to take the drive back to PC World for them to verify that it is OK. I know these things can go faulty but electronic goods tend to be very reliable these days. My gut feeling though is that it is a system faulty with my PC.



  G0lfer 20:23 22 Jul 2010

Took the drive back to my local PC World store.

They were unable to verify that this drive was faulty because they didn't have a system available that was PATA.

However from the way I described the problem, they too, were of the opinion that the drive was faulty and were quite happy to replace it with another identicle model.

Got home, hooked it up and Bob's your uncle !!

Ticked as resolved.

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