DVD regionalisation

  cat22 12:45 22 May 2004

Having just acquired a new HP laptop I thought I'd be able to enjoy my varied DVD collection. To my consternation I find I need to commit as to which region I shall be using my DVDs in. My DVD collection is multi regional as is my home DVD player. I am told by Windows XP that I can only change regions 5 times before it commits me, which kind of limits me to one region.

There must be somewhere or somehow a patch or method which will allow me use all my regional DVDs (principally regions 1 and 2). I use InterVideo WinDVD or media player.

Can anyone help please?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:02 22 May 2004
  MichelleC 13:04 22 May 2004

You may find something here (but most sites have gone) click here

  cat22 14:26 22 May 2004


Went to site and downloaded Region Killer, but now when when I play region 1 DVDs they are very jerky and unwatchable. I have been to device manager and enabled the DMA which i thought would help but no change.

Also tried Region Free which works great but is 30 trial version only and boots me out after 15 minutes.

Don't know if you've a solution to this otherwise I'll have to pay the $39.95 for the Region Free software.

Thanks for your help so far,at east I have a solution.

  krypt1c 16:05 22 May 2004

Variaty of utilites here click here shareware & freeware. Might be worth investigating

  cat22 22:18 22 May 2004

Thanks to those who replied (including Brebner by email) - I'm now sorted!

  Mikè 22:44 22 May 2004

There are two issues your dvd drive will lock after 4/5 region changes, (region free patch required) this is risky could wreck drive. The other issue is that your player software will lock also, this can be got around by dvd genie click here

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