DVD region free - help!

  puma22 15:51 04 Feb 2006

Hi, the kids wanted a dvd that isnt available in this country. We got it but its region 1. Ok i thought, just copy it to remove the region settings. (we havnt got a region free DVD, only a play station). I used dvd region +CSS and shrink and nero. It seemed to copy OK but when playing on the pc a message comes up saying you only have 15 minutes free time. On the playstaion it palys but is in black and white. Has anyone any ideas how the kids can watch this other than buying a new region free dvd player?

  dms05 15:58 04 Feb 2006

Playing in B&W sounds like it's in NTSC format rather than PAL. Can you change the settings somewhere?

  Biotech 16:00 04 Feb 2006

Have you got any changes left on your DVD burner, need 2 so you can change it back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:35 04 Feb 2006

If in B&W agree with dms05 is probably NTSC

DVD Decrypter will remove regional settings and look for it on the net, download and install.

To use

1. Click drive selector box and select your DVD drive

2. Click "Mode" select Files

3. All the files on the DVD will appear in the box on the right make, sure they are ALL highlighted.

4. Decrypter will choose a destination to send the files to on your HDD, If you want to change the destination click on the folder icon.

5. Extract the files by clicking on the DVD symbol at the Bottom of the screen. Click ok when completed

Use Nero to Burn back to DVD

1. Open Nero and select DVD video

2. Select New

3. Locate the extracted files on your hard drive and select them all

4. Drag them to the Video-TS

5. With a Blank DVD in the drive click on the Burn button

  Chris Webster 16:35 04 Feb 2006

If you've got a playstation 2 you can get a disc called 'dvd region x' from any good game shop. I've used one for ages. It makes your ps2 multi regional for dvd play back. This is the blurb from the back of the case,

dvd region x lets you play import dvd movies on your ps2 console.

plays your movies through RGB scart lead in full colour - no more green screens.

plays pal and ntsc (as long as your tv's newish)

plays all region dvd movies.

Hope this is of some help.

Cheers Chris.

  puma22 18:15 04 Feb 2006

Chris, thanks for the info re the dvd disc. Its on the shopping list.
fruit bat, have followed your isntructions and copiesd files to hard disk. When i tried to used vision express i ended up with too much file for a dvd disk. I thne trid to use visionexpress, but got confused as to what to do when it asked whether i wanted to merge the files?
Which bit of nero should i be using.
Finally, what is NCTS and do i need to worry about this or will the software i am using change this automatically.
Thanks for the help although if i get this sorted i will have to watch the rubbish tonight. Oh well at least the kids will be quiet.

  puma22 18:16 04 Feb 2006

sorry that should have been used nero express then nero vision express!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 04 Feb 2006

Look for DVD Shrink 3.2 on the net.

1. open files select directory where you saved the files

Now you have 2 choices

a) Use the backup button to copy all the files to disk Shrink will compress the files an thus reduce the picture quality.

shrink will encode the files ready to burn to disk.

b). click on the RE authour button

on the right it will show titles main feature etc. you can copy just the main feature to save space on the disk., and keep the best picture quality.

  Big Elf 20:24 04 Feb 2006

Using DVD Decrypter I haven't yet managed to convert a Region 1 (NTSC) DVD to a format that will play in colour on a PAL TV. Am I missing a setting here?

Although DVD Decrypter removes Regional settings it doesn't appear to help with NTSC formatted files.

DVD Shrink is excellent for compressing as you state.

  wjrt 00:15 05 Feb 2006

region free dvd at £19.99 inc postage then buy dvds from states much cheaper than UK and if less than £18 no vat etc to worry about.

click here

  wjrt 00:16 05 Feb 2006

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