DVD Region changes

  G_force 19:05 02 Dec 2003

I cannot be the only person to ask, but here goes.I'm running Win XP pro, I have noticed that it only allows you to change the region a certain amount of times. Why is this & is there a way to overcome the limited amount of changes ?
Mark Carroll

  MichelleC 19:59 02 Dec 2003

This may help click here

  Lead 05:58 03 Dec 2003

To have a region free PC you need to make your PC's DVD player region free, your DVD software region free and Windows region free. For help try here:

click here

Look at programmes like DVD Genie and DVD Region Killer.

Making your dvd drive region free will require a firmware change (if it's available).

  Lead 06:01 03 Dec 2003

I was bored - here's a more specific link:

click here

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