Dvd Recording Problem/Getting 'used to' DVD Format

  pete777 17:51 26 Nov 2005

Hello, new to the Forum but here goes.
I've got an NEC DVD+-Rw Drive which as many of you will probably know, accepts all the multitude of formats (or maybe doesn't..). I am pretty new when it comes to burning DVD's let alone Cd's, etc., and have been having a slight problem with 'getting used to' how it all works.
My question is: Why do I 'have to' use Burning Software (I have Nero Express 6)- in order to Copy or Save my stuff (ie photos, documents, etc)- onto a blank dvd disc?? I have tried just moving stuff by right click/send to/Cd Drive, but I always get the message 'Windows encountered a problem...' etc. Why is this?
Also, after inserting a blank dvd into the drve and right clicking, under properties, it reads "0 bytes free" and, "0 bytes used" ! Err.. confused or what?!! Please help, and yes I am a beginner (as already stated)! Cheers

  canard 21:23 26 Nov 2005

It needs an interface to do what you want, nero provides this.

  rdave13 21:29 26 Nov 2005

Since I downloaded SP2 windows burner never worked. I now use ashampoo cd/dvd burner suite,cheap and also supports blu-ray burning for furure ref.

  rdave13 21:33 26 Nov 2005

Try uninstalling nero express 6 and run Ccleaner then reinstalling nero.

  pete777 12:01 27 Nov 2005

Okay, err thanks for your help, but err I'm still confused- for instance, what is the Windows burner? Have never seen it, let alone used it. Second,what is blu-ray burning??
Don't forget I'm just a beginner in all this cd/dvd burning stuff...
Also, what is Ccleaner?? and, I forget to mention that when I use Nero, I CAN then copy/save (Burn)- the stuff I wanted onto the blank dvd.
And err no one answered the query about why Properties shows the blank dvd as having .."0 bytes Free.." and, .."0 bytes used" !

  Totally-braindead 14:50 27 Nov 2005

Windows XP has its own built in burner but I've never used it, I've used Nero instead, the problem with the windows burner is it only does CDs not DVDs (as far as I know) that is why you get the error message, windows can't burn to a DVD, if you try it with a CD it will probably work providing the windows burning program will support your NEC drive.
Forget about the 0 bytes used thing its just windows way of saying the disk is blank and unused.
CCleaner is a program called crap cleaner, heres the link to it click here but that aside I don't think you need it because there does not appear to be a problem. You are saying you can burn DVDs using Nero aren't you and you're wondering why windows won't do it?

  pete777 19:10 28 Nov 2005

Okay, question answred (mostly), to 'Totally Braindead': Yes I am saying that I can burn dvds using Nero and yes I was wondering why windows won't do it, I know it sounds stupid but my original query was more to do with how the Burning Process works (which has now been answered), as I am totally a beginner in the Burning Brigade!! Cheers anyway.

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