DVD +/- recording

  farmerpiles 10:04 31 Jan 2006

I have a Sony DVD-RW DW-D23A bought with my system from Mesh computers.

It records great with DVD-R discs, but does not want to know about DVD+R discs? Is their anyway round this, do you need to change a setting somewhere to re-configure it?

Any ideas?

  Strawballs 10:14 31 Jan 2006

It might be as it's title suggests Sony DVD-RW a -RW only you might have to change it to do +RW to a duel format one click here try here for an example if you wish to stick with sony (they do all makes).

  smurfling 14:11 31 Jan 2006

I think you will find that your Sony DW-23A is a dual format writer, and it is also a rebadged Liteon SOHW 1653S, if your Mesh pc is a fairly new one I would get in touch with them. It could also be the brand of dvd blank you are using.

  DamianScott 14:54 31 Jan 2006


Is it really THAT important that your recorder writes to DVD+R? I've stopped using them altogether, as DVD-R's are cheaper & more readily available. Also, if you're writing DVD movies, many players struggle with DVD+R, whilst most work with DVD-R just fine.

I had the very same Sony drive in a Mesh PC, and it was OK, but should you come to upgrade or add another drive, you should be looking at the latest Samsung or Pioneer models.

Oh, forget about the fuss over dual layer writers, the cost of the blanks makes them hardly worth using.

In a nutshell.... Go and buy 50 Bulkpac DVD-R's for a tenner, then burn away to your hearts content (at that price, you won't even be bothered if you have a few that fail writing). Forget about the +R's, they'll be obsolete before you know it, IMHO.

Have fun


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  farmerpiles 17:12 31 Jan 2006

Thanks for link for computer spares.

As for the DVD-RW, thanks also for the bit about it being re-badged, always good info to have.

And yes DVD-R are cheaper, so may crack on with them.



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