DVD Recorders - can they record from TV

  CLONNEN 12:01 04 Jan 2009

I'm thinking of buying a dvd recorder but am wondering if they only record standard tv channels. My TV has a video tape slot built into it - would I be able to record from VHS onto DVD? Or would the video channel not be available to the dvd recorder?

  crosstrainer 12:10 04 Jan 2009

You have two choices. One is designated a DVR (digital video recorder)

Or, if you want to be able to use higher functions then you need a PVR.

In both cases, buy with built in Freeview / cable ability.

  Pamy 12:13 04 Jan 2009

Whay other outputs from the TV do you have ie, scarts ?

  CLONNEN 12:14 04 Jan 2009

Don't want Freeview our region doesn't get it - no cable service round here either. Digital channels don't come until 2012.

All I want to know is if standard cheap dvd recorder ONLY records tv channels eg. BBC, ITV etc. or can it record the video channel if built-in to TV.

  crosstrainer 12:18 04 Jan 2009

You have answered your own question. Buy a cheap one for now, and it will record from an analogue signal (check with the dealer as many won't these day's)

Then wait until digital is available in your area before spending money on a more fancy bit of kit.

  Technotiger 12:33 04 Jan 2009

I have a DVD Player/Recorder with built-in TV tuner, a normal VHS VCR and a Freeview Digibox all inter-connected. With this setup I can record direct to DVD, anything which I can view on the TV, including input from my digital camcorder.

click here

  Technotiger 12:36 04 Jan 2009

PS - click on the Picture to enlarge. BTW, all second-hand and very very cheap!

  Pamy 12:37 04 Jan 2009

Oh, I was hoping you were going to shor a diagram of te connections,any chance please

  Jim_F 12:39 04 Jan 2009

I think this depends on the TV - some have the capability to loopthrough whatever you are watching to an external VCR/DVD recorder as composite or S-video.

The DVD recorder would need to have a matching input of course.

  Technotiger 12:50 04 Jan 2009

Connection is very straight-forward, every item shown has two Scart sockets, simply daisy-chain the Scarts, with roof-top TV aerial connected to Digi-box and daisy-chained down through the other items to TV. I also have a normal co-axe splitter at the TV aerial socket with a length of co-axe aerial cable going to my 22" Wide-screen Digital LCD TV/Computer Monitor, which is also connected to a Video Processor/Audio Mixer (bought for £2 at a boot-sale), which is also connected to another ordinary VHS VCR underneath my PC desk, all of which are connected to my PC. Not to mention my webcam/scanner/printer/router/telephone etc.

  Technotiger 12:51 04 Jan 2009

Hi, hope you don't mind me adding that for Pamy. Also hope you might find the info useful.

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