User-B9D76C78-65DD-40DD-B1039FC588DEAA80 19:29 05 Jan 2004

AMD 800 -256 memory- 40gig H/Drive running XP Pro.
I have bought a NECND-1300A DVD writer. But can't get any media to work.Have tried
rytek,bulkpaq,datawrite,etc. I keep getting Calibration errors on Pinnacle/Nero/Clone dvd.I have updated the firmware to 1.9 but still no joy.Any ideas anyone.Have managed to burn one from image on drive but this took all day.
thanks Pete

  BWFCHORWICH 19:35 05 Jan 2004

have you tried the click here website? you should get the answer from that site.

  PA28 19:39 05 Jan 2004

Will it read media? If it will, it is more than likely that it is your system setup, rather than the drive, which is at fault. I had a very similar scenario to this when I installed a Pinnacle 106 drive recently. The cure was to remove all authoring software and system ASPIs, install the latest version of Nero (6, with updates) and update Pinnacle Studio to version 8.10 (I think!). The "easiest" way to so this was on top of a clean install of XP!

Sorry this is not exactly going to cheer you up - the reassuring bit is that it did work, and the drive went from being extremely fussy and always requiring not only luck, but a decent quantity of following wind, to get a result to one that will now write to anything I chuck in it - CD, DVD-R, +R, and RW.

  PA28 19:45 05 Jan 2004

You may also find that you are pushing it a bit with the spec' of your machine. You really need a meaty processor to make the best of DVD writers. I also upgraded from a P3 866 to a P4 2.4 to get acceptable results (sorry, I forgot to mention that first time around!). In fact, when I think about it, the cost of the DVD writer itself was actually the minor part of the equation!!

thanks to all needed clean reinstall and dropped burning speed down as pc not enough whammy.

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