DVD re-writer- slave or master?

  Mick54 13:12 02 Jun 2008

A general question about connecting a new dvd re-writer on an ide cable.When connecting two drives to the same cable does the first drive have to be the master and the second drive the slave or does it make no difference what order they are connected to the cable? Sorry I do not have any equipment details but I don't think it matters too much. Many thanx Mick.

  mgmcc 13:21 02 Jun 2008

The drive from which the PC boots would normally be the "Master" device on the "Primary" IDE channel. A second drive on the Primary channel must then be the "Slave".

On the Secodary IDE channel, if two drives are connected, it shouldn't matter which is Master and which is Slave. A single drive would obviously be Master.

  gardener 13:22 02 Jun 2008

One has to be master and the other slave, make sure the jumper settings on the back of the drives are in the correct position for each drive. It makes no difference which one is master, just so long as both aren't.

  Dobie 13:23 02 Jun 2008

Hi Mick

You would be better setting your hard drive as the master, and your writer as the slave. If you want to boot from the re-writer, set this as your 1st boot device within the BIOS.


  gardener 13:32 02 Jun 2008

I presume you are connecting the drive to the secondary IDE cable. I read somewhere that if you put a CD/DVD drive onto the primary IDE (the cable that usually connects the hard drive) then the hard drive will operate slower.

  Mick54 14:07 02 Jun 2008

Hiya everyone, thanx for the replies so far. I need to clarify a few points. My own pc is running ok. The dvd re-writer I took out reads ok but is a little tempramental when it comes to writing. I asked my son in law if his parents would want my old dvd writer as it does read ok. I told him to install it on their pc as the slave which he did but he said the pc would not boot up. I then told him to install it as the master but it still did not boot up. I asked the question earlier because I was not sure if the order that they were connected in has any effect on them being the master or the slave. They have a cd re-writer installed on their pc but no other physical drive. Does having two re writers make any difference/ I know they run win xp have a 2.4 celeron cpu and 40 gig h\d. Hope this helps. Thanx again in advance for your truly appreciated help. Mick.

  gardener 14:20 02 Jun 2008

Two rewriters shouldn't make a difference. I presume they are both on the secondary IDE cable and the jumpers are correctly set. I can't see why the pc won't boot. Try changing the boot order in the BIOS so the hard drive is the first boot device.

  mgmcc 22:57 02 Jun 2008

Check that the PC you're installing the drive in doesn't use the "Cable Select" setting instead of "Master" and "Slave" settings.

  Totally-braindead 23:32 02 Jun 2008

I would not fit a DVD writer as a slave, it can cause problems in that it won't work properly. In fact my DVD writer a Liteon one came with a warning that it might not function properly as a slave and advised it to be fitted as a master if at all possible. That is as near as I can recall it the wording on the warning with the drive.
Perhaps it is that that is causing the problem.

  Stuartli 00:09 03 Jun 2008

>>On the Secondary IDE channel, if two drives are connected, it shouldn't matter which is Master and which is Slave.>>

Actually it does. Normally a rewriter will be the Master and a ROM or similar drive the Slave (unless both are rewriters).

In fact Windows will automatically assign the rewriter as the Master no matter in which order the two drives are installed.

  Mick54 16:30 05 Jun 2008

Many thanx once again with your solutions. Although I have had a pc for over ten years I am not confident enough to alter any bios settings at this time, but thanx for the info. I did not know what the c\s setting on the jumper was. I will give it another go and let you know the outcome. Cheers everybody. Mick.

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