DVD Ram - What does this mean?

  BeeWee 20:38 21 Sep 2005

I have recently bought a new dvd recorder. It takes dvd-r and dvd ram discs. On reading the instruction booklet it says that I can record to a DVD ram disc, record a programme and watch it from the beginning at the same time.

I went to PC world today to buy a DVD ram disc and they told me that these discs were mostly used by "professionals" for back up purposes and I should just buy DVD-RW.

I am now puzzled - please could someone explain what a DVD RAm disc is for and whether I should buy one to get the optimum use from my DVD recorder.

Thank You

  stalion 20:49 21 Sep 2005

what is the make of your dvd recorder?

  BeeWee 20:57 21 Sep 2005

The DVD recorder is a JVC DR-M10

Sorry I should have mentioned this!

  stalion 21:15 21 Sep 2005

this is info on dvd ram also you are best off useing dvd-r or dvd-rw on your recorder
click here

  stalion 21:17 21 Sep 2005

dvd-r are write once only discs dvd-rw can be overwritten about 1000 times

  BeeWee 21:26 21 Sep 2005

Thank you stalion for your help.

Why though does the booklet say I must use DVD Ram discs for live memory playback?

  stalion 21:32 21 Sep 2005

I honestly do not know perhaps someone else on here can answer that question
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  BeeWee 21:38 21 Sep 2005

Not very good reviews eh stalion? Luckily mine has been factory refurbished and works well. I only paid £80 odd pounds for it and reckon I got a good deal!

Anyway thanks again for your help and maybe someone will be able to answer the RAM question for me later!

  jack 21:57 21 Sep 2005

DVD RAM disks a la PC's usually come in a 'caddy'
some what like a jumbo floppy- They are also double sided- and look dark metallic grey both sides. As such they would act similar to an external HDD on a PC and the drive is adapted to the 'caddy' A friend however uses his out of caddy in standard R-RW DVD drive- but it has proved troublesome, and I think he has now abandoned it.

  stalion 22:04 21 Sep 2005

if you are looking to replace your dvd recorder in the future go for one that records all formats
saves a lot of hassle

  Rigga 22:56 21 Sep 2005

I take it this is a standalone DVD recorder? i.e. under the telly?

Anyway.. Keeping it fairly simple..

DVD-Ram discs are written more like a HDD than standard DVD-R/RW discs. This basically means that they are generally more reliable and risk free than DVD-R/RW for backup purposes.

As for your DVD recorder, because of the way the DVD-Ram discs are written it makes them ideal for more HDD like functions such as reading and writing from the same disc, hence the need for DVD-Ram to record and watch a program from the same disc at the same time.

I personally, because of the need for reliable backups always use DVD-Ram to backup my work files. (as well as the usual external HDD, but the DVD-Ram discs can be taken off site. :))


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