DVD-RAM: UDF? FAT32? Help...

  belt_and_braces 17:27 29 Jan 2006

I have a LG gsa4163B dvd multi-writer. This includes DVD-RAM.

Now, when i got this i thought i could just put in DVD-RAM disks and it would be a case of immediate drag and drop; without InCD.
I didn't install any of the software that came with it becasue i already have a better, later version of NERO, Nero6 with powerpack.
The DVD-RAM disk from panasonic support DVD-RAM v2.1. I dont have InCD installed at all.
the DVD-RAM disks have the property of "CD Drive" file system UDF but i cant write to them.
HOWEVER i formatted one of them using Windows format, FAT32, and it is now type CD Drive.

The FAT32 disk will write to and read and delete like a floppy, ie drag and drop. It also reads ok in my DVD-ROM. It does not however read on other DVD-ROM's on other peoples PC's.

The RAM disks that came with UDF version will not write.

Am I missing a step here? Do i actually need a windows driver, or a driver off the installation disk? or am i oblidged to load INcD? do i need a udf plug in or something?

Whats the standard way to use DVD-RAM?

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  SANTOS7 19:50 29 Jan 2006

click here
this may help...

  Batch 17:40 04 Feb 2006

I haven't tried putting DVD-RAM disk in another PC, but unless the DVD drive in another PC explictly supports at least reading of DVD-RAM, I wouldn't expect it to work.

That said, installing relevant DVD-RAM drivers may help.

  Batch 17:57 04 Feb 2006

Have just tried on an old fashioned DVD drive on another PC and, as expected, it's not recognised.

  NexusHelm 01:26 06 Feb 2006

LG used to package DVD-RAM drivers with their drives, they no longer do. They recommend InCD.

There's a lost of misconception over DVD-RAM discs, and I have to say I lay some of the blame on Microsoft themselves. They boast support for DVD-RAM discs, but in reality their support is awful. You need to wait until Windows Vista for real support.

DVD-RAM discs formatted with the FAT32 filesystem can be read/written to using the explorer interface, however for more performance and longer disc life, you really want to format your discs using the UDF filesystem. That's what your discs came pre-formatted in.

InCD can format discs with UDF, and it will allow drop and drag support within an explorer-like interface. There are similar tools to InCD, that will do the same thing.

What XP can do? It can read discs in UDF format, up to 2.01 (I believe). Not built in support for writing to them.

If you want to use these discs on other computers, you'll sometimes need to install third party drivers. I'd suggest formatting your discs in either UDF1.5, 2.0, or 2.01. Or for ease of use, just stick with FAT32 but be prepared for slower speeds, especially with large files.

  NexusHelm 01:28 06 Feb 2006

"InCD can format discs with UDF, and it will allow drop and drag support within an explorer-like interface. There are similar tools to InCD, that will do the same thing."

Just like to post a correction. InCD allow you to use the windows explorer interface, making it drop/drag like you are looking for. Further more you can save straight to disc from within applications, such as Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc. :)

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