ivesy 18:25 24 Aug 2004

Is it possible to transfer the movie I have recorded from TV using DVD RAM to DVD via my PC? I have NERO 6 but can't find a way of doing it! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Providing your PC DVD Drive can read RAM Discs, then you should be able to make an image copy to your HD, then burn back to whatever DVD media you require.

My own Home DVD Recorder does not support RAM Discs, but I have done this with DVD-RW media to make a copy, but I used Sonic RecordNow to produce the image.

  ivesy 19:54 24 Aug 2004

Yeah my PD drive can read them. How do I create an image to save? I've just been browsing the interent and seen somebody has managed to just change the file extension from VOR to VOB and it seemed to work but again (feeling stoopid again) I'm not to sure how you would do that either!

I haven't done this with Nero, (I have V5.5), but read the help section regarding copying a disc by using an image file.

  cga 20:59 24 Aug 2004

I did look into this myself and got an answer back from Panasonic on how to do this. I cant find the email at the moment but - if I find it - I will post the details here.

  ivesy 17:36 25 Aug 2004

That would be great thanks for the help!

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