DVD-RAM disks always seem v. slow

  Batch 11:24 03 Jun 2008

I first got a DVD-RAM drive on a lappie a couple of years ago. I thought I'd try a DVD-RAM disk to see how it went. In theory, it should work just a HDD (or pen drive) with the ability to dragndrop and delete like a HDD (without any special packet writing software like InCD). But I found it incredibly slow, especially with large files. It wasn't top of my prioprites, so I just left it.

I've just got a new desktop PC with a DVD-RAM drive and thought I'd give it another go. But same result. I've even installed the latest firmware for the DVD drive. As far as I can see there aren't any special drivers though.

Do others have similar probs? Any solutions?

BTW, I have turned off "CD Recording" on the drive's properties.

  eedcam 13:57 03 Jun 2008

What speed is the ram probably only around 2X and the software and type /size of files has a lot of bearing

  Batch 14:19 03 Jun 2008

When I say v. slow I mean like real slow, like snails pace. E.g. a 500MB file, might take an hour or more.

There's no obvious speed rating on the disk or the packaging. The only thing on the disk, other than DVD-RAM Single Sided 4.7GB Rewritable is DVD-RAM47SY2. BTW, they're TDK disks.

  brundle 14:26 03 Jun 2008

DVD speeds are 9x that of CDs so even at 2x it should burn at about 1000kb/sec.

Check the speed of the drive and disc with Infotool;
click here

  eedcam 15:26 03 Jun 2008

Several causes and siggestions
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