DVD-RAM disk looks like floppy disk!!!

  286hercules 02:50 08 Jul 2005

I have just bought a Datasafe DVD-RAM 9.4gb disk for my LG DVD-RAM Drive.
It is not like the other DVD disks. It looks more like a floppy disk with a cover that moves to expose the writable surface of the disk and I am not sure how to use it.
I know it might sound stupid, but how do I insert it in the DVD drive?
Also, can I use it straight away by dragging and dropping? I 've read somewhere about formating.

Any suggestions?

  Catastrophe 03:31 08 Jul 2005

There are different types of DVD-RAM disks as you have found. If your new disk obviously will not fit in your drive you can take the disk out of the case to use it. I am not familiar with your exact kit.

In my 'floppy' DVD-RAMs there is a little plastic pin you push out then the case opens and you get out the disk which looks just like a normal CD or DVD.

As to drag and drop - what OS and/or software are you using?

  Catastrophe 03:34 08 Jul 2005

See here:

click here_(1)/94040/p/66614

  Catastrophe 03:37 08 Jul 2005

Sorry. That link did not work correctly.
Google: dvd-ram "type 1"

  Catastrophe 03:38 08 Jul 2005

DVD-RAM is rewritable media that uses phase change technology for recording. Two generations of DVD-RAM are available: 2.6/5.2 GB and 4.7/9.4GB. DVD-RAM is designed for data intensive, high performance applications. Data stored on DVD-RAM can be accessed in the same manner as a hard drive, with drag and drop capabilities and can be overwritten 100, 000 times. Double-sided discs are available in Type 1 (non-removable) cartridge. Single-side discs are available bare or with a Type 2 (disc removable) cartridge for reading in later generation DVD readers, DVD-Video players and DVD recorders.

  scotty 09:44 08 Jul 2005

A mentioned above there are cased and uncased versions available. On the cased type, there are again 2 versions available, the removable and the non-removable. The removable has a simple method of opening the case, the other requires brute force.

Not sure the 9.4GB version is suitable for your needs as it is a double sided disc. The obvious disadvantage is that you cannot write on the disc to note what is stored on it. You should consider returning them and getting exactly what you need.

If it was not supplied with your drive, you should find the necessary software to format the drives on-line. I found them through this link but some time ago so may not still be available.
click here

Also look here: click here

And read this article: click here

  SEASHANTY 17:04 08 Jul 2005

DVD-RAM explained. click here
You are better using the single sided 4.7GB
non-caddy type DVD-RAM discs in your LG writer.
I use the Panasonic discs in mine. Drag and drop
photo images onto the discs. I haven't formatted the discs - they come already formatted. I have the Roxio Media creator 7 programme on this PC tho and it uses the drag and drop application from Roxio. Works fine. The 9.4GB discs you have in the caddy are best used on DVD recorders. They will only get scratched if you leave them out of the caddy. Get some of the single sided discs from here
click here

  SEASHANTY 17:10 08 Jul 2005

....best used on DVD recorders. By this I meant the Home DVD recorders made by Panasonic, JVC, Hitachi, Toshiba and Samsung which support DVD-RAM discs. They are more useful in the machines which don't have a hard drive (i.e. the cheaper models).

  286hercules 17:19 08 Jul 2005

Thank you all for your responses.

I gather that my DVD-RAM disk is of the non-removable type.

So, can I break the case and use the disk, handling it carefully of course, as scotty said?

  286hercules 17:28 08 Jul 2005


My disk is of the removable type. I 've just managed to open it. Thanks 'seashanty' for the link. The photograph really helped me.

I 'll try to write and might come back for more questions.

Thank you all again.

  286hercules 18:09 08 Jul 2005


If I drag and drop files on the DVD-RAM disk a window opens that says 'files ready to be written on to the cd'.

When I click on the 'write these files to CD' the windows CD writing wizard opens and says that the CD is not writable or full and prompts to insert a blank cd.

I tried NERO 6.3 the usual way I burn disks and it recognises the compilation as DVD-ROM(ISO).

I didn't click burn just in case something wrong happens.

My disk is a DATASAFE 9.4GB.
Windows and Nero recognise the free space, so I assume it is formated.

My DVD drive is LG GSA 4120B.

any suggestions?

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