DVD-R Trouble

  Squabbler 18:37 10 Mar 2008

Hi, i bought som DVD-R from asda the other day and burnt some mini dv footage to 4 of them and thought they were fine untill i started watching them fully, after about i duno 30 minutes mebey it all starts going weird and then jumps about and eventually frezes playing? this is the same on all the disks? does anyone know the problem for this?

would it be the disks or would it be the dvd writer in my laptop or something else???? if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

  mrwoowoo 19:26 10 Mar 2008

If all four play up at about the same place,then i would say it's the discs.
Have you always used DVD-R as opposed to DVD+R?
I would try a different brand and perhaps DVD-RW'S so as not to waste them.

  Gongoozler 19:28 10 Mar 2008

It's not at all uncommon for some disk brands not to work well with some writer brands. The only way to tell is to try a different brand of disk. When you find a make of disk that gives good results, stick with it. I find that Infiniti disks are very reliable in all the drives I've used them with. click here

  eedcam 19:43 10 Mar 2008

What speed did you burn at burning at x4 is best to start with.Also is this when you paly back on the pc or tv

  Squabbler 21:32 10 Mar 2008

its wen i play it on the tv and i didnt mean dvd-r with the - as inparticular im not sure if there - or + ill try burning the same thing to a dvd rw ive got and if that works ill take the disks back to asda and get a refund lol im a uni student i cnt afford to waste money lol

ill see if it works on a dvd rw

  eedcam 22:27 10 Mar 2008

Dvd -rw even more likely to give probs but best way to try save making coasters .What software are you using to burn to dvd

  Squabbler 09:12 16 Mar 2008

hey, right i tried out what i said,

i baisically burned the exact same stuff that i burned to the dvd r to the dvd rw and it worked perfectly.

so its clearly not working on them disks. however i burnt a movie file to one and it worked fine, but wen i burn my mini dv files it seems to not work, does anyone know why?

the software im using it.....urm....cyberlink dvd solution.

im just confused as to why it willburn something but not the other. well it burns it it just wont play properly.

anyone got any ideas?

would it help if i used a differnt software?

  eedcam 09:27 16 Mar 2008

Hi Some burners can be very choosy about some brands of disc .If it worked with the RW was that another brand also you managed to burn a film to _rbut not stuff from your mini dvd. Ok what size was the film and waht size was the footage you tried to burn from the mindv footage . Mini dv files are massive 13 G/b for one hour I would guess your software is not handling the compression very well .Or you are using the wrong settings. Stick with the software for the momentand come back with some info about this Mini dv footage. methinks that is the prob and not the discs

  Squabbler 09:34 16 Mar 2008

the mini dv footage i have already compressed meself so that i know it would fit, so i know it fits it shud all b fine in that aspect. when i uploaded the stuff from the mini dv cam i chose it to b a smaller file tha the 13gb like u mentioned so it was smaller in that sence neway and then when i used moviemaker to chip and chop the footage that shudda compressed it a bit more too. but yeah ive made sure it fits on the disk before i burn it so that technically shudnt b a problem. the r and rw are diff types yea asda are the r and the other are something else i cnt remember.

need any more info? if u do just ask away lol thanks for ur help so far

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