DVD-R playback problems-static?

  rickd 15:25 12 Mar 2006

A wierd one! I've burned a number of DVD-R's on my puter which when I playback on my TV's (expensive!) SONY DVD player, sometimes work fine but other times work fine for an hour or so, then start to stutter and finally stop. The DVD player then also refuses to play even commercial DVD's properly for a while. I've discovered that if remove the disc and wait an hour or so, everything is fine, and even the offending disc will play fine. I can only think that my DVD player throws a wobbly because its picked up static or has overheated or something as a result of playing the DVD-R's, and this upsets the players insides which then takes some time to dissipate. Is this possible (i.e. are PC-burned DVD's more prone to static or in some way harder for players to read so they overheat)? Has anyone else experienced this with burned DVD's, or is my player duff? But it never has any problems if I haven't been playing a burned DVD! If it is static, any ideas on how to deal with it?

  mike1967 15:52 12 Mar 2006

I have a similar problem, mine is sony but not an expensive one, but I changed the DVDs I use to back up my movies, I know use imatation which seem to cause no problems at all. I use +r by the way.

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